Ramblings During a 10-Mile Race

I didn’t commit to the 10-mile River Run in my city until, like, 8 days before the race. The River Run is a 10-mile trek that crosses a bridge from Kentucky into Indiana. I trained for this race a little, but definitely not as much as last year and I wasn’t very serious about it. I also got around 5 and a half hours of sleep each night the week before, so that didn’t help matters. Nonetheless, I ended up beating my time from last year by about 10 minutes and I ran the whole thing, so I was happy. However, I mostly ran by myself and had lots of thoughts running through my head. It’s really weird what you think about when you have almost 2 hours of running ahead of you. Keep in mind that this race started around 7 so I may or may not have been fully awake when I started running. I also may not have remembered what happened during which mile but this is a rough idea.

Mile 1

I’m feeling pretty good….about 5 seconds into the race and before we even got to the start line. Not bad.

Unfortunately, the entire first mile was hills. Whose ideas was this?

Mile 2

I’m getting passed left and right, but that’s ok. When (some of) those people tire out early and end up walking, I can maybe pass them later. Either way, who cares?

Mile 3

Man, runners are a strange bunch and we generate a lot of random noise. People are panting and out of breath, but that’s a given. Others are having a philosophical conversation about life….like we’re walking around the neighborhood instead of running 10 miles. Really? You’re gonna discuss this right now? I hear people’s noise from their headphones, but I’m not complaining because I turned Mumford and Sons on in my earbuds before the end of the first mile.

Mile 4 

Why do ramps always have an incline? I’ve never noticed them before but they are huge. What the heck?

Mile 5

So there’s this kid walking the opposite way carrying a bag I can only assume is food. Is it bad that I kind of want to take that bag away from him, even if it means attacking him? Oh, wait. It’s a McDonald’s bag. Never mind….doesn’t sound good at the moment. But seriously, I think this kid needs a police escort to wherever he is going because someone is going to attack him and take his food. There are 3,000 people running in this race today and I guarantee, we are all hungry. I feel sorry for that kid. Later, when I told my husband about this kid, he asked me if he was really there…Honestly, I don’t know, but I still wonder if he made it safely to his destination.

Mile 6

Oh, geez…I was feeling good but man, I’m getting tired of this.

Mile 7

I swear someone is moving these mile markers. They are much further apart than they were before. And why the heck do you need an incline when you get off the highway, too?

Mile 8

OMG. All of a sudden, the side of my big toe on my left foot is burning. It is rubbing against my shoe and it must be bleeding or something. Oh, crap. Now it’s the toe on my right foot. And I can’t feel my legs. Everything is starting to fall apart! How do I still have 2 miles left?!

Mile 9

Ok, we must be getting close. All the crazy people who have already finished the race are running back in to find their friends and run the rest of the way with them. Who does that? Freaks…

Mile 10

Why is the entire last mile a slow and gradual incline. Ridiculous! Where is that stupid finish line and who keeps moving it further away? In other news, these girls in front of me have really fun shirts that say things like “Are my kids still chasing me?” and “I run because I really like food.” I need one of those.


I finally made it….too bad I can’t feel my legs still. Where’s the food? Oh, wait. My friend is still running. Maybe I’ll go back and find her and run part of the rest of the way with her. Am I an idiot? I just called those people crazy.

All in all, I am glad that I ran it, even though getting up at 5:15 in the morning wasn’t fun, I had stomach problems for several hours afterwards, and my legs were super sore. It still feels pretty awesome to say I ran 10 miles!


Today I should be 40 weeks pregnant. I don’t have any delusions, though. Yes, today I would have been 40 weeks pregnant with our third child, but I know she wouldn’t have shown up for at least several more days, given my track record. I am grateful that I have been able to keep my weight down and that my stomach is flat(ish), but I really wish I was carrying our baby. I’m excited about our 2-week venture to California next month, but I wish I was planning a maternity leave instead. While it is nice that I won’t be losing money on a maternity leave or have medical bills associated with a pregnancy this summer, I know that things would have worked out if we had been able to keep the baby.

This day (May 19) may mean something significant to other people for completely different reasons (this also happens to be the day that a friend of mine passed away in a car accident 10 years ago), but most people will live this day the way they do any other. For me, this day has been etched in my mind since we found out we were pregnant the Sunday of Labor Day weekend. It is the date that I planned the rest of my year around. Even though our baby has already been lost over 7 months ago and was buried in April, this date will forever be in my memory.

I’m not writing this to gain sympathy or in an attempt to make anyone feel sorry for me. I’m writing this because I want people to be aware that this kind of thing happens all. the. time. And a lot of times, no one even knows about it. In fact, I guarantee that you know someone this has happened to. You know someone who has cried numerous times a day for months because she lost the baby she wanted so badly. You know someone who measures the months that come after based on where she should be in her pregnancy. You know someone who thinks about the unborn baby she lost every single day. You know someone who had to suffer and grieve in silence because society tells her she shouldn’t talk about things that are hard. Even if you don’t realize it, you know someone who does this.

I am telling you this so you will remember to be kind. Everyone is fighting a battle; you just may not know about it. But it is still very real to the person fighting it.

You may not know what to say if someone tells you they have had a miscarriage, but I can tell you that what helped more than anything were two statements:

1. “I have had a miscarriage. I understand.”

2. “I can’t possibly understand all that you are going through and I don’t know what to say, but I’m sorry.”

What is not helpful is silence. I read an article recently that said “your silence is deafening” and that is so true. I can’t think of a better way to say it. When people who are close to you don’t even acknowledge that there was a child, it hurts. It is an awkward situation for many people, but I’m telling you that acknowledging the loss, even when the person didn’t know what to say, was much more comforting than ignoring it.

So I am giving you a challenge:

Be kind to someone today. In fact, go out of your way to be kind.

Try to really be present when you are with people.

Notice if something seems off for them. Even if you aren’t comfortable asking them or they aren’t comfortable telling you what’s going on, just letting someone know that you see them goes a long way.

Someone you know may be going through something that you have no knowledge of, and just one act of kindness can make such a difference.

A New Adventure

I have briefly written about doing a travel school program. Well, I finished over a month ago and signed a contract to be a home-based travel agent with an agency just a few weeks ago. This means I am able to start planning and booking trips, so please keep me in mind if you need some help booking a vacation. You don’t even have to live near me; I can book trips for anyone anywhere. Also, it doesn’t have to be all or nothing. Even if you are only needing certain things for a trip, I still might be able to help you out. You can contact me through my Contact Page.

I have actually seen some really great deals come up for this summer, so if by chance you are still looking for a great deal on something for this summer, contact me as soon as possible and we can get something set up for you!



April Books


1. The Life Intended by Kristen Harmel

This was an interesting read, and the main character was a music therapist, so that was interesting to read about. In the book, the main character has dreams of what her life would have been like had her husband not died in an accident. The book had its sad moments but had a very hopeful message, and I liked how it all came together in the end.

2. The Fifth Wave by Rick Yancey

This is yet another dystopian novel having to do with an alien invasion, though it isn’t a hokey alien invasion. It is part of a trilogy. It was alright, but I’m not sure I will finish the trilogy anytime soon.

3. Little Bee by Chris Cleave

This was a short but intense read about a Nigerian refugee who makes her way to the United Kingdom and a British woman she meets on a Nigerian beach. The “beach scene” in the book is really disturbing, as is the whole book, if I’m being honest. That being said, it was an interesting read in light of what is going on with the Syrian refugees fleeing persecution. I feel like everyone should read this book right now, so they can see things from a different perspective.

4. Rhythmic Medicine by Janalea Hoffman

I saw Janalea present at a conference a couple of years ago, which is why I bought her book. It is several years old but still has some very vital information that I can both use in my work and for my own personal benefit. She gives lots of ideas for how to use music to lower blood pressure and improve daily functioning, among other things. I’m hoping to try some of the exercises this summer.

My favorite book this month was probably Little Bee. It is a book club read and I can’t wait to discuss it this week.

What have you read this month?


101 in 1,001 Days

This is the list that I started working on back in August of 2013. I didn’t get to all of it but I do feel pretty good about how much I did get around to doing. If anything, it gave me ideas when I needed something new to work on. Here’s my final update…

Starting Date: August 5, 2013

Ending Date: May 2, 2016

If it’s crossed out, it’s done!

Music (7)

  1. Write 3 songs (2/3). I started a third song but just didn’t finish it.
  2. Learn to play and sing 10 songs on my ukulele (5/10).
  3. Learn to play and sing 10 new songs on the guitar (10/10).
  4. Play through Suzuki Book 1 on the violin. I can play most of the pieces!
  5. Practice and learn 3 new classical piano pieces of moderate difficulty (3/3).
  6. Listen mindfully to 15 recorded classical pieces of my choice and learn about them (1/15).
  7. Improvise in all 7 modes (0/7).

Self-Care (12)

  1. Answer 50 Questions That Will Free Your Mind. (16/50) Well, I tried! 
  2. Make a list of 100 things that make me happy (100/100).
  3. Have coffee at a coffeeshop alone or with a friend 10 times (10/10).
  4. Take an online class.
  5. Make a list of 20 things I like about myself.
  6. Get 2 full body massages (2/2).
  7. Buy 3 dresses for myself (3/3).
  8. Participate in 3 girls’ nights out (or in) (3/3 – Drinks at Hacienda 08/12/13, DCP Christmas Exchange 12/15/13; birthday party).
  9. Meditate or practice music and imagery 5 times (0/5).
  10. Take 5 bubble baths by myself (5/5).
  11. Get up earlier than everyone else and enjoy my coffee alone 10 times (0/10). I have started staying up way too late to get up early, but this has given me more time to myself, so I guess I did meet the goal of this one in that way.
  12. Visit Saint Mary-of-the-Woods.

Music Therapy (8)

  1. Create 2 new singalong packets for my groups (2/2).
  2. Finish reading 3 (nonfiction) books about music and/or music therapy (2/3).
  3. Buy new instruments for my music therapy groups.
  4. Get website up to date.
  5. Download and use 8 new songs for lyric analysis (8/8).
  6. Come up with and use 4 new songwriting interventions (3/4).
  7. Get my business accounting set up with software.
  8. Participate in a music therapy research project. This was supposed to happen but just never did.

Writing (7)

  1. Publish an e-book.
  2. Get 250 likes on Facebook (A Life in Tune) (213/250).
  3. Get 100 followers on my blog (can be email subscribers, Bloglovin’, or another feed).
  4. Write and publish 350 blog posts (350/350).
  5. Make $75 on Textbroker ($20/$75). I stopped doing this because I just didn’t have the time for it.
  6. Make $50 on my blog.
  7. Write a guest post on another blog.

In the Kitchen (6)

  1. Can green beans.
  2. Try at least 20 new recipes (20/20). (Fried Eggplant Sticks, Salsa Verde Chicken Tostadas, Turkey Stuffed Peppers, Sautéed Apples and Onions w/ Sausage, Baked Spaghetti Squash with Cheese, Sweet Potato Fries, Garlic Mashed Sweet Potatoes, Squash Quesadillas, Sweet Potato Irish Nachos, Potato Pancakes, Sweet Potato Chili, Turkey Mini Meatloaf, Chicken with Peppers and Onions, Pork Chops with Apples and Onions, Homemade Granola Bars, Light Pasta with Mushrooms and Onions, Paella, Salmorejo, Tenderloin with Peppers, Zucchini and Mozarella Fritatta)
  3. Make homemade sangria.
  4. Make homemade pesto.
  5. Grow basil.
  6. Make homemade apple pie using the apples from our apple tree.

Entertainment (15)

  1. Order a Friday takeout dinner from Vecchio’s or eat at one of Vecchio’s Thursday night dinners. This place actually closed several months ago.
  2. Catch up with the True Blood series.
  3. Catch up with the Walking Dead series.
  4. Watch the Wizard of Oz while listening to Pink Floyd album.
  5. See 3 plays (1/3).
  6. Attend a concert (popular music).
  7. Attend 3 orchestra/band concerts (0/3).
  8. Eat at 5 restaurants on my list of places to eat (1. Madeline’s, 2. Eclipse, 3. an Indian restaurant, 4. Ben and Penny’s, and 5. one of the nice Japanese restaurants in town) (5/5).
  9. See 5 movies in the theater (5/5).
  10. Watch 15 movies I have never seen before (15/15) (Life of Pi, Catching Fire, Grave Encounters, The Conjuring, Mom’s Night Out, Divergent, The Other Woman, The Giver, This Is Where I Leave You, Cinderella, Aloha, Mazerunner, Babadook, Mockingjay, Part 1, Mockingjay, Part 2).
  11. Host a cookout/pool party.
  12. Have a bonfire party.
  13. Have people over for dinner 5 times (3/5). I didn’t include potlucks where we had people over and everyone contributed. I only counted times that we had people over and provided the entire meal.

Healthy Living (4)

  1. Get back to my pre-Felix weight.
  2. Attend a belly-dancing class.
  3. Attend 25 yoga classes (20/25).
  4. Walk/run 500 miles (500/500). Updated 07/23/15

Family (11)

  1. Take the kids to the drive-in.
  2. Finish Felix’s baby book.
  3. Breastfeed Felix for at least 12 months.
  4. Have 4 Mommy/Ani days (4/4).
  5. Have a slumber party in the living room with the kids.
  6. Take funny photos in a photo booth with the kids.
  7. Paint with Anya 4 times (4/4).
  8. Take Anya to Holiday World.
  9. Take the kids to a park 10 times (10/10).
  10. Play in the rain with the kids.
  11. Camp out in the backyard.

Relationship (4)

  1. Watch our wedding video.
  2. Complete a marriage workshop or workbook.
  3. Go on 12 dates (12/12).
  4. Go on a weekend trip without the kids.

Travel (4)

  1. Visit another country.
  2. Take the kids to the beach.
  3. Take the kids to the St. Louis Zoo.
  4. Go on 3 weekend trips (3/3).

Giving Back (6)

  1. Donate 100 coupons to someone in the military (100+/100).
  2. Buy someone’s order in the drive thru.
  3. Volunteer at a soup kitchen.
  4. Give $550 to charities (not church-related) ($615/$550). (United Way, St. Jude’s Trike-a-Thon)
  5. Volunteer 20 hours (12/20).
  6. Perform 5 random acts of kindness (3/5).

Green Living (3)

  1. Use my reusable grocery bags 15 times (13/15).
  2. Switch 3 cleaning products to all-natural cleaners (3/3) (bathroom cleaner, toilet bowl cleaner, window/mirror cleaner).
  3. Take recyclables to be recycled 5 times (0/5).

Literary (11) - I apparently got really crazy with the e-books. I think I had just started reading things on my Kindle and was excited about all the free books I was finding and just couldn’t keep up!

  1. Read the entire (Catholic) Bible.
  2. Read 2 books about cleaning and/or home organization (0/2).
  3. Read 1 e-book about healthy living.
  4. Read 2 e-books about making money (0/2).
  5. Read 2 e-books about saving money (0/2).
  6. Read 3 self-improvement e-books (0/3).
  7. Read 3 e-books about time management (0/3).
  8. Read 1 e-book about parenting.
  9. Complete 2 devotional books (0/2).
  10. Read 25 novels (25/25).
  11. Attend a book discussion or book club meeting.

Just to Say I Did (5)

  • Participate in a flash mob.
  • Save $1,000 on groceries and toiletries using coupons ($455.38/$1,000). I had to stop doing this because the app I was using didn’t save my information when my phone died. I’m pretty sure I was much closer to $1,000 than this. 
  • Establish more of a presence on Twitter.
  • Figure out Pinterest.
  • Make another 101 in 1,001 list.

It actually took me quite awhile to come up with a new list, just because I was more mindful of what I really thought I would be able to do in the next 1,001 days. To see what I decided to focus on this time around, check out this page.

April Into May

Wow. April was a really crazy month. Here’s how it all went down:


  • Winter Wellness weekend in January
  • Train ride in French Lick in February or March
  • Mumford and Sons concert in April – The show was absolutely amazing!
  • Weekend away with the kids
  • Anniversary weekend away
  • Family vacation –We are still finishing up plans for our trip and bought tickets to Alcatraz this past week.


  • Read 24 books – I have read 15 books so far.
  • Read 2 music books - I finally finished reading Rhythmic Medicine by Janalea Hoffman, so I will be starting another music book very soon.

Writing: I have actually done pretty well with keeping up with all my writing goals this month. Hopefully I can continue.

  • Daily Q&A – I am still keeping up with this.
  • Writer’s Book of Days – I did 7 out of 7 planned prompts.
  • 500 Writing Prompts – I did 3 out of 3 planned prompts.


  • Do a daily devotional written for Catholic moms – I don’t always do everything in the devotional but I am at least reading it every day and praying the prayer written for each day.


  • Create one new Singalong packet for my Singalongs (for work)I will be using this new packet for a group this week.
  • Learn at least 6 new popular songs on the guitar or piano. – (3/6) I learned a new song on the guitar this month.
  • Learn at least 3 new Classical pieces on the piano (0/1).
  • Start transcribing my original songs on notation software.
  • Find at least 5 new songs to use in music therapy sessions - (3/5)
  • Work through Songwriting Without Boundaries - I started the second “course” in April and I’m still working through it. 
  • Listen to 10 classical music pieces.

Home and Organization:

  • Complete Bonus Room Transformation – We still need to get more things moved out of the room. Things have just been so busy.
  • Go through Gmail account – I have dropped the ball on this one in April but plan to start up again soon.
  • Go through and organize computer files.


  • Inflatable Fun Factory
  • CMoe
  • Putt Putt
  • Game Night
  • Movie Night
  • Gatti Town or Chuck E. Cheese

Financial: I want to continue to save money and to keep our spending in check.

  • Save a specific amount in Travel and Savings Accounts combined – We got to save some in April. 
  • Keep track of “extras” earned from apps, credit cards, rewards, etc. – So far, so good.
  • Keep up with a budget as best we can – We are still doing well with this.


  • Do at least 6 service projects that may include volunteering, providing a meal at the local Ronald McDonald house, donating items, etc. (1/6)


  • Write a new 101 in 1,001 list. The current one expires in May. - I am putting the finishing touches on this.
  • I have started a running list of restaurants I want to try, and I want to eat at 12 of them this year – We tried 3 new places this month! (5/12)
  • I plan to cook 12 international meals this year or one international meal a month – We made Jamaican food this month. Next month we will be focusing on Czech cuisine. 
  • Finish travel school – I have finished the program and officially signed a contract to be a home-based agent with a local travel agency a couple weeks ago. I will be posting more information about this, so stay tuned!

So lots of things going on this past month, what with starting a new business venture and going to an amazing concert. In addition to all of that, we also:

1. Attended a common burial for Quinn. It was a beautiful ceremony but also very sad. My due date would have been 2 and a half weeks from now and I’m struggling a little with that.

2. Celebrated Anya graduating from her Twinkles. This is a Suzuki violin thing, but she has been working on her Twinkle Variations for a long time. She played the piece on a recital in early April, so now she is officially in Book 1.

3. Celebrated Felix’s 3rd birthday with a Mickey/Nemo/Choo Choo party. He just couldn’t decide which he wanted more.

wpid-wp-1462161844968.jpg wpid-wp-1462161844941.jpg wpid-wp-1462161844641.jpg wpid-wp-1462161844645.jpg wpid-wp-1462161844643.jpg wpid-wp-1462161844642.jpg wpid-wp-1462161844634.jpg wpid-wp-1462161844635.jpg

































How did your month turn out?


Around the World: Jamaica, Part Two

I was hoping to make a Jamaican breakfast dish involving salted cod and ackee but I couldn’t find ackee anywhere. So we ended up making fried dumplins to have with breakfast. It is normally served with cod and/or ackee, but we had them with mandarin oranges and scrambled eggs.

They were pretty easy to do except for when you heat the oil too hot. It involves a mixture of flour, salt, sugar, and milk, and then you roll them into circles and throw them into hot oil. Ours turned out to be a little overcooked on the outside because the oil was too hot at first, but they weren’t too bad. We served them with butter and jelly.

wpid-wp-1462074873495.jpg wpid-wp-1462074873496.jpg









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Around the World: Jamaica

We had Jamaican Jerk Pork with fried plantains over the weekend. We made the jerk sauce ourselves and made it the night before so we could marinade the pork tenderloin in it. There are lots of recipes for this but we used a lighter version that included a lot of green onions, which is why it ended up green. The habanero in it definitely spiced things up, though!










So the pork tenderloin marinated overnight and we grilled it the following evening.


Then we fried the plantains. I don’t know why I don’t cook with plantains more often because I really like them when we do.


So what do you get when you add Jamaican Jerk Pork and fried plantains with a (European-style with only vinaigrette) salad?


We also had to have rum and diet Coke since we drank a lot of Jamaican rum when we were in Jamaica. The last time we were there was for our 5-year anniversary and our 10-year anniversary is coming up this October, so I have been thinking a lot about it. Having this meal just makes me want to go back!

Check out what other food we have made in 2016?

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Mumford and Sons Concert

I went to a Mumford and Sons concert in St. Louis this past weekend, and I was so inspired by it. I really should go to more concerts because I just feel amazing afterwards.

The band is made up of four guys – Marcus, Winston, Ted, and Ben – and they are known for their folk sound, complete with banjo, fiddle, string bass, and brass instruments, though their latest album, Wilder Mind, features a more rock-based sound. It seems the band has been met with some negative feedback for this, though I think the sound of the band is still somewhat unique and you know exactly whose song it is as soon as Marcus begins to sing. His voice is pretty distinctive, in my opinion. While I love their older stuff, I am still enjoying this newer album quite a bit.


I think my favorite thing about this band is that they are more than just a product. So many bands and artists these days are not really musicians and it feels like they just have really amazing agents and other staff whose job it is to make them look and sound good. Some of these bands and artists are pretty successful at this, to be honest. But it is nice to still see actual musicians performing, especially when the musicians are as amazing as these guys. wpid-wp-1461211494602.jpg

All four of the guys sang at some point during the show, and they actually harmonized with each other. In fact, at one point during the show, the group left the stage and ended up in the middle of the general admission area on a small platform with one or two guitars and standing in a circle. They performed a few softer pieces and it was amazing how well they work together, just listening to each other as they sang.

wpid-wp-1461211494601.jpgThey all played multiple instruments as well. Even Marcus Mumford, the lead singer, wandered up to the drum set several times. Toward the end, they brought back musicians from the opening act to play alongside them for a few songs, which I thought was really fun. It kind of made it feel like they were just jamming, which is exactly why I like to go to live concerts. I enjoy it when the songs don’t sound exactly like they do on the radio or even the album. It was also very obvious that they just like to make music.


Even though the whole experience was nothing short of amazing, it left me with a longing to be able to share more of my original music with other people and to have the experience of making music with other people again. You know that feeling you get when you hear a song that you really connect with played live and you feel the music in your whole body? Well, making music is like that only ten times better than that. I don’t even know how to put into words how it feels to make music with other musicians and to connect with other people in that way. I have yet to find another activity that gives me the same euphoric feeling. It has also been awhile since I have spent a considerable amount of time with other musicians, and I truly miss that.

Needless to say, if you are in my area, I will be the girl jamming to Mumford and Sons, driving down the road with her windows down and music blaring!

Spring Cleaning

Maybe it’s just my mood these days, but I have been so annoyed with my Facebook feed lately. I have always admired people who have gone through their entire Friends list and cleaned it up. I’ve thought about doing it, but never have. But my Facebook spring cleaning this year has been to un-follow several people so that I at least don’t have to sort through all the stuff I definitely don’t want to read about. Here are the people I am un-following (or considering un-following):

1. People who use Facebook as just a platform to sell stuff for their MLM schemes. I really don’t mind if my friends sell stuff or post about what they are selling if there is a good deal going on or a new product or something, but when that becomes their entire Facebook page, it gets annoying.

2. People who post nothing but political stuff. Unfortunately, it’s getting to be that time again. We still have another 7 months of this….not sure I will make it without dropping a few people from my feed. Again, I don’t mind when people post their opinions every now and then, but when it becomes every post and when they start to become disrespectful of other people’s opinions, that’s when I draw the line. No, I am not stupid if I don’t agree with you, and you are not stupid if you don’t agree with me. We just have different ideas about things, so there’s no need to berate each other on a Facebook thread.

3. People who just want to berate people who belong to the other political party. This goes along with #2. It doesn’t make you look smarter or more important if you just want to bash everyone else who doesn’t agree with you. It just makes you look disrespectful and extremely close-minded.

4. People who are constantly posting about the new abortion law in Indiana. I guess this is a personal one for me. I don’t agree with some of the things in the law, but I do agree with others. I don’t know what the entire law says or exactly what it all means, but I know enough about it to know that I don’t want to discuss it with people on Facebook. One thing I have noticed is that people on both sides seem to be really confused about the other side’s stance. For example, so many people on the left side of the fence are saying that abortion isn’t hurting the people on the right side of the fence, so why should they care? But that’s not what the people on the right side of the fence are arguing. They are advocating for the unborn babies who don’t have a voice, because that’s who they feel are getting the short end of the stick. What really bothered me earlier this week was when someone said something about how “at that point, it wasn’t even a fetus….it was just a zygote or an embryo.” Excuse me? Just a zygote or an embryo? Maybe I wouldn’t feel so strongly about it had I not just experienced a miscarriage 6 months ago, but basically what that person was saying with that particular comment was that I have nothing to be upset about because what I lost was just a zygote or an embryo….it definitely wasn’t anything even close to a baby. I didn’t expect to be so upset about a comment but it has honestly bothered me for days. I am a firm believer that everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but can we at least be respectful of others’ beliefs? I am also a firm believer that what makes things interesting is that we are all different.

5. People whose posts are always some form of “Poor me. I’m so exhausted/hungry/sick/annoying/etc.” I honestly don’t mind when people use Facebook to vent (don’t we all need that some days?), but again, it is when that is all they do on Facebook that I become irritated. People can’t possibly be exhausted/hungry/sick/annoying/etc. every single day, can they?

6. People who are constantly posting about sports news every hour on the hour, as if their lives will be ruined if their favorite team doesn’t get their first choice in draft picks. Feel free to cheer on your team or show disappointment when they don’t do so well, but no need to give a run-down of every single thing going on in the sports world.

So who did I miss? Who do you un-follow on Facebook?

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