2015: A New Beginning

I really like New Year’s Day. It is probably the only day in January that I really like. Check out this post if you want to know why!

I guess I just really like new beginnings, and let’s face it, the first few weeks of January are probably our best weeks when it comes to working on goals we have for ourselves.

I am writing my resolutions a little differently for 2015. I plan to look at my goals and resolutions more as intentions or things to look forward to rather than things that absolutely have to be done. I want this to be more of a situation where I can ask myself “what’s something fun we can do with the kids this weekend?” or a “what should we do when we go out by ourselves on Friday night?” and I can just refer to the list for ideas.

I also read a blog post sometime last year, and the blogger said she re-evaluated her goals every so often throughout the year. She said that things change so often in life that it is hard to plan for an entire year at a time, so she will often rewrite them in the middle of the year if they no longer fit into her life. I thought that was pretty smart and so true, so I thought I would try it out this year

Every year I tell myself I’m going to stick to a few simple things, and then I end up with a really long list of ideas and I cannot cut anything out because I’m so excited about ALL of them. If you know me at all, you know I am a list person;) I am not making myself cut anything out simply because I just don’t want to, but I am enforcing a “rule” that will apply all year. That rule is that if something doesn’t get done, I am not going to waste any time worrying about it not getting done. That being said, here is my (long) list of things to look forward to this year!

Intentions for 2015

Travel Plans:
  • Disney World in April
  • Costa Rica in July (just me and Eric!)
  • Possibly a weekend trip with the kids
  • A weekend trip with just me and Eric




Family Fun – We hope to do something fun with the kids at least once a month and are planning to do the following activities as a family this year:

  • Movie Night
  • Game Night
  • CMOE
  • Inflatable Fun Factory
  • Picnic
  • Hiking in the Woods
  • Gatti Town
  • Fire It Up
  • Zoo

Service Projects – We would like to do at least one service “project” a month and are planning to participate in these service projects this year:

  • Provide Dinner at Ronald McDonald House
  • Volunteer to work at the church social
  • Buy gifts for kids from the Giving Tree at church
  • Soup kitchen
  • Donate canned goods to The Food Pantry
  • Continue to donate money to our church and other charities that we support
  • Go for a walk and pick up trash

House Projects – These are a few things we’d like to accomplish around the house:

  • Bonus room transformation (at least to start it)
  • Organize pantry
  • Clean out refrigerator and freezers
  • Clean windows
  • Organize office
  • Organize recipes
  • Organize email accounts
  • Organize computer files
  • Organize social media
  • Go through books
  • Go through my clothes
  • Go through the kids’ clothes (usually I do this when the seasons change)
  • Go through the kids’ toys
  • Go through the kids’ books
  • 365 Organizational ChallengeThis will cover a lot of the things that I have listed above, so I think it will actually help me to accomplish the others

Just the Two of Us – We hope to make time to do something together at least once a month; these are some of the things we hope to do:

  • Dinner at Melting Pot
  • Wellness Weekend in January
  • Attend a play
  • Attend a wine dinner
  • Complete a couple’s daily devotional/meditation book we have had for awhile (or at least see how far we get!)
  • See a movie
  • Eat at Vecchio’s or pick up a carry-out meal on a Friday night
  • Go for a run
  • Go hiking together

Musical Intentions:

  • Learn a new classical piece on the piano
  • Write at least one song
  • Read at least one of my music books
  • Take an online songwriting class
  • Play the violin more
  • Listen to classical music regularly – I would love to do a classical music listening challenge but haven’t been able to find one; I’m still working on this one;)

Physical Intentions:

  • Stay within 2 pounds of my goal weight
  • Run a 10-mile race and a half marathon (both are in May) – Yes, you read that right; I can’t believe I am actually doing this!
  • Work on strength training on a regular basis – I have ordered a book about strength training for runners, so I plan to use that to help with this.
  • Work on getting rid of the belly fat
  • Complete a January Plank Challenge

Writing Intentions:

Reading Intentions:

  • Complete 2 daily devotional books
  • Participate in the Alphabet Soup Reading Challenge – To complete this means that I would have to read 26 books, so I may not actually finish it, but I will see how far I can get!
  • Finish reading the (Catholic) Bible

Fun Intentions:

  • Visit a friend in St. Louis
  • Visit “the Woods” (where I did my graduate work)
  • Complete a 6-week Fresh Start challenge on Facebook
  • Take at least 4 online classes
  • Get at least 2 massages – I have a Groupon and a gift certificate to do this!
  • Take at least 6 bubble baths

Financial Intentions:

  • Try to keep groceries and toiletries under a certain amount each month
  • Try to save a certain amount in our Travel Savings account and our regular Savings account over the course of the year – I am trying out a new app for this
  • Attempt to keep track of how much we save using coupons – I am trying out a new app for this
  • Attempt to keep track of how much we earn in rewards and reimbursements (coupon apps, Ebates, credit card rewards, etc.) – I am trying out a new app for this
  • Attempt to sell a few of the bigger items we need to get rid of

Ideas to Explore:

  • Essential OilsWe have used essential oils quite a bit over the past year, but I am still learning more about them every day. I got a diffuser for Christmas, so I am currently learning what blends to use for what purposes.
  • Home remediesWe have been trying to use more natural ways when dealing with sickness. One of the things I have done to prepare for this is to freeze extra breast milk to use when we have eye infections. I know it sounds crazy, but it really does work!
  • Starting a book clubI have always wanted to be in a book club. This may not actually happen, but it is something I would like to explore.
  • Eating more organicallyI think it would be really difficult to eat organically 100% of the time, but we are slowly doing more and more of this and I would like to eat organically more often than not at some point. We are slowly switching most of our staples (flour, sugar, oats, etc.) to organic ones. Also, with feeding the chickens organic feed and with non-spray veggies, we are able to eat much better quality eggs than we were previously.
  • Coupons – I have gotten out of doing this recently, so I hope to do a little more in the near future.

Ultimately, these goals are designed to help me to live a full, happy, and honest life. I may not complete every one of these things, but it certainly gives me something to do and will keep me busy! Again, I plan to re-evaluate these intentions as I go forward throughout the year, so things may change. Even if I don’t do all of these things listed by the end of 2015, as long as I am enjoying life, I consider that to be a success!

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  1. Camilla says:

    “Every year I tell myself I’m going to stick to a few simple things, and then I end up with a really long list of ideas and I cannot cut anything out because I’m so excited about ALL of them.” This made me LOL. I am totally a list person too! Oh, and I love your “Just the Two of Us” goals. I need to incorporate some of those into my 2015 goals also.

    I hope you have a wonderful, successful year!

  2. I did not know that about breast milk. I have a couple bottles of essential oils and enjoy learning about how they can help keep our family clean and healthy. Good luck on the goals this year!

  3. Tammy says:

    Love your goals for Just the 2 of us. I really need to make those now that hubby is working full time. We need our time together. Great post.

  4. Holly says:

    I totally have about 4oz of breast milk in the freezer for that very purpose!

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