2017: January into February

It is really hard to believe that January has already come to a close…what was typically my most difficult month of the year actually turned out to be mostly ok this time around…


  • January Wellness Weekend – This is amazing and happens at exactly the right time. Since I’ve been going to this in January, I have felt so much better this month.
  • Weekend away with the kids
  • Anniversary weekend away
  • Family vacation – Right now we are thinking about going to Greece!


  • Read 30 books. (4/30)
  • Read 2 “self-help” books or books about fostering creativity. (1/2)


  • Daily Q&A – Still keeping up with this!
  • Post in my blog at least 5 times a month or 60 blog posts. (5/60)
  • Work through the Right to Write. (43 chapters) (4/43)
  • 500 Writing Prompts – 3 writing prompts a month (36 total) (3/36)
  • Work through Writing Better Lyrics. (2 chapters per month, 24 total) (2/24)wpid-wp-1483131403684.jpg


  • Practice and complete a daily devotional. I have been able to keep up so far!



  • Create one new Singalong packet for my Singalongs (for work). (0/1)
  • Learn at least 3 new Classical pieces on the piano. (0/3)
  • Work on learning at least 3 of the modes. (0/3)
  • Listen to 10 classical music pieces. I have a new book about listening to Beethoven’s piano music that I intend to use for this purpose. (0/10) – I started reading this book and I am starting to listen to some of Beethoven’s first concertos.
  • Earn at least 20 CMTE’s (continuing education). (0/20) – I am working on a CMTE course right now.

Home and Organization:

  • Complete Bonus Room Transformation.
  • Fix the other part of the deck and stain it.
  • Wash windows and glass doors in the house.
  • Go through and re-organize the pantry. – I did this on a whim this past weekend and I LOVE how much more organized it is.
  • Go through refrigerator. I am adding this to my list.
  • Go through freezers. I am adding this to my list.


  • Inflatable Fun Factory – We attended a birthday part here and the kids had fun.
  • CMoe
  • Game Night
  • Movie Night
  • Gatti Town or Chuck E. Cheese
  • Make a home video with the kids.
  • Paint with the kids.


  • Provide at least 3 meals at the Ronald McDonald house. (1/3) – We made a meal this past weekend and had a great time doing it. We need to schedule our next visit.
  • Volunteer at the soup kitchen at least once.


  • Run the 10-mile River Race in May. – I have been running short runs on my treadmill and working more on speed training, but I will need to start really training for this in a few weeks.
  • Complete at least 5 fitness challenges. Doing these kinds of challenges helps me to keep carving out time to do something physical and it gives me a chance to focus on some areas that I feel like I need to work on. (1/5) – I finished my first fitness challenge. I need to choose my next one. 
  • Drink at least 64 ounces of water on most days. – I may not be drinking exactly 64 ounces every day but I am drinking a lot more and I can tell that I feel better.
  • Do something active at least 3 times a week. – I have been able to get something in 3 times a week, even if it’s just a short ride on the stationary bike we have.


  • Eat at 8 new restaurants on our list of places to try. (0/8)
  • I plan to cook at least 10 international meals this year. (0/10)
  • Take at least one day to “retreat” and work on my writing, music, etc.
  • Do something nice for myself at least 20 times. This could mean taking a bath, spending time playing the piano just for fun, buying a piece of clothing that I want, reading a book by the fire even when I still have work to do, or anything that contributes to the idea of doing something nice for myself. (0/20)

Travel has picked up quite a bit so some of these things are not as far along as I’d hoped they would be. That being said, I’m sure time will even out and I will have more time for them at a later date.

How is your year going so far?


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