2019 Intentions

After a not-so-great 2018, I’m going to try intentions for 2019. Looking back at everything I wanted to do in 2018, I realized that life got the best of me, but I’m trying again!


  • Read 30 books (0/30)

I’m really excited to read several books I have that include topics such as setting boundaries, loving yourself, and chakras!


I have really gotten away from writing and I kind of miss it. I haven’t even written in this blog for months…

  • Post in my blog at least 2 times a month or 24 blog posts. (0/24)
  • 500 Writing Prompts book – 2 writing prompts a month (24 total) (0/24)


I did some things with my music last year, but this year I’d like to continue working on my original work. Unfortunately, it looks like I am on my own with my music from this point forward, so I think my biggest struggle will be to feel confident enough about my original songs to be able to share them.

  • Learn at least 5 new songs to use in groups (0/5)
  • Work on learning at least 3 of the modes. (0/3)
  • Earn at least 20 CMTE’s (continuing education). (0/20)
  • Finish writing and record at least 3 new original songs. (0/3)

Travel Planning:

  • Complete at least 4 training programs. (0/4)

Home and Organization:

Our home is starting to need some tender loving care and I hope to focus on some of that this year. The weather last year did not cooperate so we did not get to finish staining the deck, but hopefully this year is our year!

  • Finish staining the deck.
  • Purchase a new refrigerator.
  • Wash windows and glass doors in the house.
  • Organize at least 8 areas. (0/8)


  • Game nights
  • Climbing wall
  • Painting
  • Geocaching
  • Laser tag
  • Mini golf
  • Holiday World
  • Karaoke


  • Provide at least 2 meals at the Ronald McDonald house. (1/2)
  • Volunteer at the soup kitchen at least once


I would like to start cooking more. Last year, we didn’t do that many international meals, so I hope to resurrect that this year and do better with it!

  • Try at least 6 new restaurants. (0/6)
  • Make at least 6 new international meals. (0/6)
  • Try at least 6 new recipes in my new instant pot. (0/6)

One other thing our family is doing together this year is something we are calling the Jar of Joy. I have an old mason jar and 4 different colors of post-it notes. Each person is assigned a color, and each week, each person in our family will write down something good about that week and we will read them all at the end of the year. I’m hoping we will have lots to talk about at this time next year!

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