9 Gift Ideas for the Child Who Has Everything

I know I’m not the only mom of a child who has everything. Okay, I realize my daughter doesn’t have everything but she is about at maximum capacity in our house where toys are concerned. We have been going through a few things to reorganize and pack up toys she no longer uses so that we can donate them. Hopefully, this will cut down on the amount of stress I usually have the weeks after Christmas, but I will admit that I’m still a little nervous about it all. I’m not against my children getting toys this Christmas, but it’s really all about balance. It’s always nice when my children get a few other things mixed in with the toys. If you are at a loss as to what to get a child in your life, here are some ideas!

1. Books

My daughter loves to read and my son already enjoys bedtime stories even though he is still too young to really understand everything. Books do take up some space but they can be boxed up fairly easily or even passed down to other children in the family if need be. I know I’m a little biased about this, but I really don’t think you can ever have too many books.

2. Clothes

I was young once and I remember not always liking it when I got clothes for Christmas, but you can still making getting clothes fun by getting shirts or pajamas with the child’s favorite animal or cartoon character on them. My daughter isn’t always a big fan of clothes, but she does get excited when she gets shirts with Hello Kitty on them or fun pajamas. Clothes also work well when paired with another “fun” gift.

3. Gift Cards

Anya Eating Ice Cream

My daughter has the same ice cream addiction as her mother!

I do think my daughter understands the concept of gift cards. She would be thrilled to get a gift card to get ice cream or have her nails painted. She keeps saying that we need to “get rid of baby brother” for an afternoon so that “us girls” can go “paint our nails” and get ice cream. I took her one time and she still talks about it. Some kids already have favorite restaurants, so those are always options as well.



4. Game Tokens

My daughter also loves to play games and is partial to Chuck E Cheese. Friends of ours gave her Chuck E Cheese game tokens for her birthday one year and it was like the gift that kept on giving. Usually game tokens aren’t too expensive and it took us over two trips to use all of the ones she received. Another idea would be a card at Gatti Town that was loaded with a certain amount of money to use to play games.

5. Movies

Anya constantly has movies playing in the background. She watches a lot of movies and insists on having them on even when she is playing with her toys. Movies don’t take up too much space and it is a relief for us parents to have something else to watch besides the same movie over and over again.

6. Crafts

It is possible to get too many crafty items, but what I like about crafty items is that we can work on them together and use them so they’re not sitting around the house for months. My daughter loves to make things and it gives us a project to work on on days that I am home with her.

7. Cash for Savings/College Accounts

Another gift we have received in the past is some cash to be put into Anya’s college fund. I also know of other children who’ve received money to be deposited into their savings accounts. This isn’t always very exciting for the child but this kind of gift can be paired with a small toy, book, or a movie to make it more fun to open.

8. Something that goes with something the child already has. If you know a child will be getting a dollhouse for Christmas, then getting a set that goes with the dollhouse is perfect. Or if a child has a kitchen or will be getting a kitchen, then food sets they can play with in the kitchen work well, too. Our daughter is getting into dress up and has a few dress up clothes, so dress up clothes to add to her small collection is something we are planning on giving her. If there is already a place for a certain toy or they are already getting something specific, I think it’s a great idea to find gifts that go with that, and I’m sure the child’s parents will thank you for it later!

9. Experiences

Anya in Leotard

Anya ready for her first dance class.

This can include classes (art classes, gymnastics, dance classes, etc.) or just tickets to a show or season or individual passes to a museum or zoo. Another option would be to take the child out for the afternoon. It’s always a good idea to talk with the parents to see when this can happen before you tell the child just so that everyone is on the same page, but I can’t imagine my daughter turning down any extra attention!

A good example of a time Anya received an “experience” gift was on her birthday last year when my mother-in-law rented a bouncy house for her birthday. (It ended up getting cancelled because of the weather but we were able to transfer the money to be used to have the party at their facility instead). It was a great idea, as my daughter had a wonderful time at her birthday party and even though she only turned three, she understood that that was her grandma’s birthday present to her, and all was well. For that same birthday, we bought her a six-week dance class and then purchased the leotard, tap shoes, ballet shoes, and tights she needed for the class.

Anya in the Bouncy House

Anya’s 3rd birthday party

What other gifts have your children received that you thought were great ideas? What gift ideas do you have?


  1. Valerie says:

    Great ideas! You daughter is ADORABLE on her way to dance class – oh my word!!
    I wrote a post a while ago with clutter-free gift ideas, if you are interested: http://atlantamomofthree.net/2012/12/04/too-much-stuff-gifts/ 🙂

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