A Change of Plans…

Europe 2014For those of you who have been following our travel plans…we have made a big change in our plans. The original plan was to take our European adventure in September. After looking at flights (these numbers have since changed), we’ve decided to move the trip up to May. Yep. May, as in 3 months from now. Yikes! Seeing the prices made me think outside the box a little and I realized that May might actually be a better month for us in a lot of ways, regardless of the price of the tickets:

1. Anya won’t miss any school.

2. Anya won’t miss any violin lessons. (These are prepaid and if we miss them, we may not get to make them up.)

3. The weather is actually a little cooler in Spain in May (a high of 81 as opposed to a high of 87) and will make for better walking weather.

4. Felix might be a little easier to tote around due to being smaller. He will also probably still be nursing, so it might be easier to get him to sleep.

5. Because we’ll be gone over Labor Day, we can make the trip an extra day and still take off work the same amount of days.

The only bad thing is that it has cut our planning time in half, literally. So the plans are definitely underway at this point. While making a decision about the dates, we had to check prices of accommodations to be sure there wasn’t a huge difference in price at that time of year. We also needed to see that places were not completely booked up. After about a week of checking those kinds of things and watching flights, we sat down to book the flights, only to find that the prices had jumped back up. Go figure. We’re really disappointed but I think we can still get them for around the price that we were expecting to pay, so I’m trying not to think about how cheap they were before. I’m sure something will work out, though.

Meanwhile, we have been finding some great places to stay for really great prices. We have booked a bed and breakfast in Lisbon for about $85 a night. It comes with free Wifi and a free breakfast that everyone has raved about in the reviews. It’s also in the middle of the old town, which is where we wanted to stay. We’re in the middle of booking apartments in Seville and Tarifa, in the hopes that we will be able to do laundry at one or both of those places. We have not started on Granada yet. So far, our itinerary looks something like this:

Tuesday: Fly to Lisbon

Wednesday: Arrive in Lisbon

Thursday: Lisbon

Friday: Lisbon (day trip to Sintra)

Saturday: Lisbon

Sunday: train to Faro and spend a few hours there; bus to Seville

Monday: Seville

Tuesday: Seville (day trip to Cordoba)

Wednesday: Seville

Thursday: Seville/head to Tarifa

Friday: Tarifa (day trip to Ronda)

Saturday: Tarifa (day trip to Tangier, Morocco)

Sunday: Tarifa (day trip to Gibraltar)

Monday: Tarifa/head to Granada

Tuesday: Granada

Wednesday: Granada

Thursday: Granada/train to Madrid

Friday: Fly from Madrid back home

What’s next?

We applied for Felix’s passport last week, so it should arrive in about a month or so. We hope to have flights and all hotels booked by the end of this coming weekend. Once that is done, we will move on to working out the details of the transportation from place to place and start looking into what all we want to see and do while we are there.



  1. Rebekah says:

    Oh man! I’m so jealous! I would love to travel someday. I am slowly working my husband into the idea,he is very much a homebody. 🙂 Happy planning!

  2. Mercedes says:

    Wow! Sounds like lots of fun. We are planning a couple of trips to Europe this year as well, one to Frankfurt, Belgium and another one yet to be determined! Spain is definitely a possibility! Have lots of fun, it’s coming up quick!

    • Rachel says:

      We had considered Belgium as well, so I think we will visit there someday. What will you see in Frankfurt? We flew back home from Frankfurt the last time but did not spend any time in the city…

  3. Soooo jealous! I can’t wait until our kids are old enough to take them on overseas traveling adventures. My husband hasn’t gotten to go outside the country either, so I’m really looking forward to those days!

  4. Terra says:

    A similar thing just happened to us, too! We normally drive out to Colorado (19 hours one way) in late summer and we spontaneously moved it up to March. Ack! I am soooo not ready. Good luck in your preparations!

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