A Common Misconception About Motherhood

In keeping with my self-care post from earlier this week, I wanted to spend a few minutes stating what should really be more obvious to us moms. I admit that I am almost always guilty of this in my life, just in general, but I feel like a lot of us think this way in our roles as moms as well.

I feel like so many moms go through daily life thinking they are not doing their jobs as moms well unless their lives resemble a 3-ring circus every day. There’s no denying that our lives as moms are like something out of a horror movie from time to time, but if it is like that every single day or more days than not, then something is not right and our lives are out of balance.

Some signs that your life may be lacking balance include:

1. Never having time to sit down with your kids and just play with them for even just a few minutes.

2. Feeling like you are either always late or always rushing around trying to get to where you needed to be five minutes ago.

3. Having constant “chatter” in your mind or not being able to quiet your mind when you need to.

4. Finding yourself saying that you can’t wait until {insert event that should be fun} is over so that you can move on with your life.

When I notice these things coming up in my life, I have to sit back and remind myself that yes, life includes a lot of hard work and some days will be like this. But life is also meant to be enjoyed, and if I’m not enjoying my life, then I need to do something to fix that. Usually, just by taking a few minutes and looking at all the areas in my life (work, family, house, physical health, intellectual stimulation, etc.), I can tell exactly where the imbalance is coming from, and I can figure out a quick way to get myself back on track.

Has this every happened to you before?



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