Around the World: Costa Rica, Part Two

Last weekend must have been our Costa Rican weekend. We had breakfast Costa-Rican style on Saturday morning. Then, on Sunday we had a Costa Rican dinner.

wpid-wp-1456158238394.jpgCosta Rica isn’t really known for its food, and some people might describe it as bland, but we found a few things we enjoyed eating while there. Everything in Costa Rica is about rice and beans. One of the things we saw a lot of was arroz con pollo (chicken with rice), so we decided to try that dish. It wasn’t too hard to do but required some time just because the rice takes awhile to cook. We served it with salad (just a plain one) and patacones.


Patacones were the highlight of our meal. They are basically deep-fried plantains. You just slice them and throw them in hot oil for a few minutes, take them out and smash them, then throw them back in the oil for a few minutes. We had them a couple of times in Costa Rica and they were normally served with things like (mashed) avocado, refried black beans, pico de gallo, and/or queso fresco. We made all of the above so that we could try them lots of different ways. We will definitely be making them again. They were delicious!

wpid-wp-1456201830770.jpg wpid-wp-1456201830769.jpg









Here are the ones we had in Costa Rica:

wpid-wp-1447477509879.jpg wpid-wp-1447477513210.jpg









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