Around the World: Costa Rica

This month, we are focusing on Costa Rican food. (See my New Year’s Intentions.) We planned a Costa Rican breakfast for Saturday and it did not disappoint. When in Costa Rica – Playa Hermosa, to be exact – we had eggs, gallo pinto (rice and beans), queso (cheese), natilla (similar to sour cream or mayonnaise), fried plantains, tortilla, and strong Costa Rican coffee.


 We attempted to reconstruct the same breakfast, and we didn’t do a bad job, if I don’t say so myself!  The gallo pinto took a little bit of prep. I had made some black beans the week prior and just made the fried rice (complete with cilantro, red pepper, etc.) the day before. That morning, I just had to heat up some oil and saute the beans and rice together. We had to substitute mayonnaise for natilla, since we don’t have that here in the states. Overall, it turned out pretty well and I even have lots of rice left over to freeze and make again another time.


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