Around the World: Czech Republic

This month we had Czech food. Czech food typically involves meat and meals generally aren’t healthy, but they are actually pretty savory.

We had roasted pork, yeast dumplings, and sauerkraut. We are generally not big fans of sauerkraut but I didn’t mind it so much when we had it in Europe. I guess the flavors are just different when they cook it there. It wasn’t difficult to prepare the food but it took some time. The pork was rubbed with a mix of different things and then roasted in the oven for awhile. The yeast dumplings took awhile but the kids loved them. Anya kept talking about how much she loved the dumplings. The sauerkraut was simple but involved cooked bacon so it was a process. Also, once the meat came out, we had to take the juice and add some corn starch to it while it simmered on the stove so that we had a sort of sauce or gravy to put on the pork and the dumplings. All in all, it turned out pretty well!


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