Around the World: England

We have been not-so-good about doing our international meals, but we are trying to focus on British meals. We needed something easy this past week, so I thought we would try a traditional English breakfast for dinner. Somehow I didn’t get a picture, though I swore I took one…

Some of the items on our plates are what we eat for breakfast, like toast, sausage, and eggs, though I think they normally fry their toast in butter, which we did not do…trying to eat more healthy and all. They also tend to have both bacon and sausage for breakfast, and their sausages are much bigger than ours and the bacon is more like fried ham. We just made do with what we had. Baked beans seem odd but we had that every morning at breakfast when we were in London in 2007, as well as grilled tomato. Sauteed mushrooms are also included sometimes. We finished off breakfast with traditional English tea. It was delicious and actually something the kids would eat!

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