Around the World: Jamaica

We had Jamaican Jerk Pork with fried plantains over the weekend. We made the jerk sauce ourselves and made it the night before so we could marinade the pork tenderloin in it. There are lots of recipes for this but we used a lighter version that included a lot of green onions, which is why it ended up green. The habanero in it definitely spiced things up, though!










So the pork tenderloin marinated overnight and we grilled it the following evening.


Then we fried the plantains. I don’t know why I don’t cook with plantains more often because I really like them when we do.


So what do you get when you add Jamaican Jerk Pork and fried plantains with a (European-style with only vinaigrette) salad?


We also had to have rum and diet Coke since we drank a lot of Jamaican rum when we were in Jamaica. The last time we were there was for our 5-year anniversary and our 10-year anniversary is coming up this October, so I have been thinking a lot about it. Having this meal just makes me want to go back!

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