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This month, we are trying out some Portuguese food. I get the feeling that Portugal doesn’t get a lot of attention for its food, but there are some things that Portugal does well in that department. When we were there, grilled sardines were popular, as were cod cakes, with Lisbon being right on the water. They also had custard pastries that people liked to eat. The dish we chose for our first Portuguese meal this month was Piri Piri Chicken. Piri piri is a sauce that is sometimes spicy. It is spicier than BBQ sauce but it reminds me of BBQ because they seem to use it similarly. The recipe we used was super easy and just involved making the sauce itself, marinating the chicken in it, slicing potatoes, and throwing it all in the oven for about 45 minutes.

Making the sauce was simple but I did have to find dried ancho chilies at an international market and I had to soak them in boiling water for 20 minutes to rehydrate them. After that, it was just a matter of throwing all the ingredients (things like paprika, olive oil, red wine vinegar, etc.) in the blender. I did it a few days ahead of time and marinated the chicken in it for about 5 hours or so. Then, I sliced potatoes very thin, put some of the sauce in the bottom of the pan, threw the potatoes on top of that, then added the marinated chicken. I had to turn the chicken and add more sauce as it cooked in the oven, but it was pretty hands-off at that point. I added a salad to the side (European style, which is plain and some form of vinaigrette as dressing).


Straight out of the oven


Dinner is served!










Strangely enough, the kids liked it. Even Anya, who thinks everything is spicy. So far, they have liked all the European food we’ve made…maybe we should just move there!

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