Travel Plans:

  • Disney World in April – I have written about our trip: Magic KingdomAnimal Kingdom, Day 2 of Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, and Epcot.
  • Costa Rica in July (just me and Eric!) –  This happened in July and it was amazing. Check out my latest post!
  • Possibly a weekend trip with the kids – This is happening in September.
  • A weekend trip with just me and Eric – This year, we are planning a night in Bloomington, Indiana. We did this last year but there were lots of different restaurants to choose from and lots to do so we decided to go back.

Family Fun – We hope to do something fun with the kids at least once a month and are planning to do the following activities as a family this year:

  • Movie Night
  • Game Night
  • CMOE- I took the kids to the museum last week, but Eric wasn’t there.
  • Inflatable Fun Factory
  • Picnic
  • Hiking in the Woods
  • Gatti Town
  • Fire It Up
  • Zoo – I took the kids to the zoo this week, but Eric wasn’t there.

I have taken the kids to the zoo and CMOE, and Eric has taken them to Inflatable Fun Factory, but we haven’t gone all together yet.

Service Projects – We would like to do at least one service “project” a month and are planning to participate in these service projects this year:

  • Provide Dinner at Ronald McDonald House – We did this in March, and it was so much fun! We are hoping to do it more often.
  • Volunteer to work at the church social – We signed up to work but it started raining with no end in sight so they closed our booth and we didn’t actually get to do it, but it wasn’t for lack of trying!
  • Buy gifts for kids from the Giving Tree at church
  • Soup kitchen
  • Donate canned goods to The Food Pantry
  • Continue to donate money to our church and other charities that we support – We are continuing to do this!
  • Go for a walk and pick up trash

House Projects – These are a few things we’d like to accomplish around the house:

  • Bonus room transformation (at least to start it) – We are finally starting to work on this! I have been going through the kids’ toys and getting ready to move a bunch of them to the new play room.
  • Organize pantry
  • Clean out refrigerator and freezers –
  • Clean windows – I cleaned all the windows in the house except for two of them, and only because I need help with them.
  • Organize office
  • Organize recipes
  • Organize email accounts – I have gotten my Yahoo account under control (somewhat, anyway) but still need to work on my Gmail account.
  • Organize computer files
  • Organize social media
  • Go through books
  • Go through my clothes
  • Go through the kids’ clothes (usually I do this when the seasons change)
  • Go through the kids’ toys
  • Go through the kids’ books

Just the Two of Us – We hope to make time to do something together at least once a month; these are some of the things we hope to do:

  • Dinner at Melting Pot
  • Wellness Weekend in January
  • Attend a play
  • Attend a wine dinner
  • Complete a couple’s daily devotional/meditation book we have had for awhile (or at least see how far we get!) – We haven’t started this yet.
  • See a movie
  • Eat at Vecchio’s or pick up a carry-out meal on a Friday night
  • Go for a run – We ran the 10-mile River Race together.
  • Go hiking together– We did this several days in Costa Rica.

Musical Intentions:

  • Learn a new classical piece on the piano – I am currently working on this!
  • Write at least one song
  • Read at least one of my music books
  • Take an online songwriting class
  • Play the violin more – I finally got my string fixed and got some peg dope to help the pegs when I tune it so hopefully I can do more playing very soon.
  • Listen to classical music regularly

Physical Intentions:

  • Stay within 2 pounds of my goal weight – Doing well so far as far as I know!
  • Run a 10-mile race and a half marathon (both are in May) –I finished both of these races.
  • Work on strength training on a regular basis – We are getting back into doing this more often.
  • Work on getting rid of the belly fat – This is a continuous battle that I’m not sure I will ever win:( I am almost ready to chalk it up to pregnancy battle wounds and focus on something I can actually do something about without plastic surgery.
  • Complete a January Plank Challenge

Writing Intentions:

  • Work through the book Journal to the Self
  • Work through the book The Artist’s Way – I am finishing up Week 9 and getting ready to start Week 10. 
  • Finish a rough draft of one of my e-books
  • Answer 2 of the 50 Questions That Will Free Your Mind each month – I have really dropped the ball on this one lately.
  • Blog about my goals each month

Reading Intentions:

  • Complete 2 daily devotional books
  • Participate in the Alphabet Soup Reading Challenge – I have completed 20 books for this and I am still reading.
  • Finish reading the (Catholic) Bible – I am still working on finishing this. I just need to do it.

Fun Intentions:

  • Visit a friend in St. Louis
  • Visit “the Woods” (where I did my graduate work)
  • Complete a 6-week Fresh Start challenge on Facebook
  • Take at least 4 online classes – I have finished 2 of them and I’m deciding when to start the 3rd..
  • Get at least 2 massages
  • Take at least 6 bubble baths – I am on 3 of 6.

Financial Intentions:

  • Try to keep groceries and toiletries under a certain amount each month – I had been keeping track but then my phone was destroyed and the app I was using didn’t backup to anything, so I pretty much lost all of it:(
  • Try to save a certain amount in our Travel Savings account and our regular Savings account over the course of the year – We are doing well with this, too, but the app I was using for this also did not back up anywhere so I lost everything when my phone was destroyed.
  • Attempt to keep track of how much we save using coupons – Same situation here.
  • Attempt to keep track of how much we earn in rewards and reimbursements (coupon apps, Ebates, credit card rewards, etc.) – Same thing.
  • Attempt to sell a few of the bigger items we need to get rid of – We were able to sell the old play set we got since we bought the kids a new huge one. We are also getting ready to sell a few more items.

Ideas to Explore:

  • Essential Oils – We are diffusing lots of combinations of oils and we have used several of them to treat things.
  • Starting a book club
  • Eating more organically – We are doing more and more of this.
  • Coupons

In other news, Anya started Kindergarten. She is such a big girl now!

wpid-wp-1440993703263.jpeg wpid-wp-1440993701992.jpeg











But before school started, the three of us did some fun things.


This is what happens when your daughter can unbuckle herself and then unbuckles her brother. They are loose in my car! (It was parked and in the garage, of course!)


My two cute little spiders!


Silly kids!

Anya and I also had a girls’ afternoon! We went to Fazoli’s for lunch, Chuck E. Cheese to play, and then Starbucks to hang out.



How did your August goals go? 


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  1. Tammy says:

    I’m glad to see you had a great time at Disney. It is a fun place to go. Looks like you have loads of fun with your kids.

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