California 2016: Day 10 – Yosemite

We spent our second day in Yosemite doing the things we had hoped to do on the first day, but it all worked out.

We did more hiking and got to see a really impressive waterfall, as well as hike to a little lake area where the kids took their shoes off and got in the water. We also saw climbers climbing up one of the really high mountains. They were hard to spot at first, but when looking through binoculars, you could actually see them on the side of the mountain.

On the way out of one area, we spotted a bear so we pulled over. It was in a meadow-like area and far enough away from us that it wasn’t even paying us any attention, but Anya was freaking out. Eric was holding Felix and he kept telling Eric not to get too close. Anya, on the other hand, was panicking and kept trying to pull me away from the grassy area but was actually pulling me into the street, though I kept explaining to her that we were more likely to get hit by a car than be hurt by the bear with as far away as he was.

We also drove for quite awhile on a really scary road to get to the top of the mountain to see a gorgeous view of the valley. On the way, Felix swore he saw a bear and looked for it on the way back down as well. Anya couldn’t stand that he had seen it and she hadn’t, so she kept asking him questions like “Are you sure it wasn’t a squirrel or another animal?”

We were lucky that we had great weather this day and were able to do a lot of hiking. I will leave you with more pictures.

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