California 2016: Day Four (San Francisco)

Tuesday morning, I ran out for a Starbucks run and stopped by a local bakery to pick up some food for breakfast, which we ate in the room before heading to North Beach, which was the site of our next tour. We arrived early so we let the kids play on the playground nearby before catching our tour.

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North Beach is the “Little Italy” of San Francisco. The tour took us through different churches and notable buildings in the area, including many of the quaint little restaurants around.

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Somehow, a little miracle happened and both kids had fallen asleep by the end of the tour and we ended up stopping at a little place called Mario’s for lunch and had a sausage sandwich. It was delicious and tasted even better because we got to eat it in peace!





After lunch, we headed to the market at the Ferry building where we bought these incredibly delicious apricots and nectarines, as well as some other goodies like olive oil herbal blends, caramel, and bread. We wandered around and ended up at a place called Soma that sells creme puffs, and then shopped a bit in China Town.

Afterwards, we visited Lombard Street, which is famous for it’s 8 hair-pin turns up and down a really steep hill. We didn’t drive down it but we got to walk down it and watch the cars slowly make their way down it.


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That evening, we made it an informal night and got burgers at a local joint.

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