California 2016: Day 8 (Napa Valley)

For years, Eric and I have been wanting to visit Napa Valley, especially during the period of time that we were really into wine. Unfortunately, these days, it just makes us sleepy. But being in San Francisco, we decided it would be perfect to stop by on our way to Yosemite. We had rented a car the day prior to go to Muir Woods so we drove to Napa ourselves. We weren’t planning on visiting more than a couple of wineries, so we figured it would be ok to drive ourselves. We had considered a tour but they are really expensive and not very cost-effective when you have kids with you.

The roads on the way from San Francisco to Napa are very windy. Unfortunately, Anya got queasy because she was reading, and we actually pulled over and she got out of the car and threw up. Poor thing….she did better the rest of the day, though. Regardless, the views were beautiful!


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I have a friend from grad school who also happens to work at a winery in Napa. Finally…after years of saying we were going, we finally did. In fact, we got to do a wine tasting at her winery (Caymus Vineyards) and she was our hostess! She got us a great deal and we brought home a couple of bottles of wine.



I accidentally drank a little too much but it was a good time:) We then stopped at a supermarket to pick up some sandwiches for lunch and visited one other winery on the way. Not all of them allow kids, so I had to choose carefully. Also, they all charge tasting fees, which is something we aren’t used to, as most tastings at wineries in Indiana are free.

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After those two visits, we began the trek to Yosemite National Park. We had reserved a room at a lodge right outside the park. We got to stop at Starbucks on the way so we could try to stay awake. Our cell phone service lasted until about 45 minutes away from it; it was that remote! The views while we were driving were outstanding!

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