Chicago, Day 7: Saturday, July 16

On Saturday morning, we packed up all of our things and checked out of the hotel. Then, we decided to walk down by the Chicago River for awhile. It wasn’t too hot and it was still fairly early, so it was a nice walk. We went to Big Bowl for lunch and ordered Chinese and Thai. Eric and I went to a Thai buffet in London several years ago, but we’re not entirely sure what we actually ate that night. Other than that experience, this was the first time we’d ever had Thai, and it was pretty good. Lately, Anya has been wanting whatever we’re eating and we typically try to give her what we’re having unless she either won’t eat it or it’s not good for her to have. We decided to let her try the Kung Pao Chicken. It wasn’t that hot – at first. Anya ate the first couple of pieces with no problem, but after a few minutes, she just started screaming. She refused to take a drink or to eat anything else on the plate. Instead, she started licking the plastic mat we use at restaurants to put her food on. I know it’s not really funny, but we couldn’t help but laugh. Finally, Eric pulled out some applesauce and Eric got her to eat some of that and she got better.

After lunch, we got our car and headed back to Evansville. On the way, we stopped by a daylily farm to feed Eric’s addiction. In fact, it was the same farm we stopped at on the way back from Michigan last summer. Eric bought several daylilies and we got back in the car to head back. We stopped at Arby’s in Terre Haute for a quick dinner and then got back around 9:15 pm. Anya was up late that night because she had slept in the car so much, but she eventually went to bed.

We had a great time in Chicago. Even though we spent 6 nights there, there is still so much to see. We would highly recommend our hotel (Comfort Suites). It was right in the middle of the city and the staff was excellent. It was also nice to have an actual bedroom, kitchen, and living room. It made it a lot easier for Eric and I to stay up and watch TV after Anya went to bed. We would also recommend the CityPass. It got us into most of the museums and attractions and the whole packet of tickets was half the price of what it would have cost to go to each of them separately. For the metro, it was nice to have a pass as well. The best choice we made was to park the car and just take public transportation. The traffic is stressful and I hated driving in it to and from the hotel when arriving and leaving. It is much, much easier to just hop on the bus or the metro to get to where you are going. We just took the umbrella stroller with us and carried a large backpack as our diaper bag. This made travel around the city fairly easy.

Now that our family vacation is over, Eric and I are counting down to Jamaica!

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