Crazy Month!

Well, last month was a really busy month for us. It started with the week of Fall Festival, which, of course, is exactly when my nausea kicked in so I wasn’t able to eat exactly the way I wanted to at the Fall Festival this year. The following weekend was Eric’s sister’s wedding, which was definitely a whirlwind, which ended with Eric and I making our big announcement to his family at breakfast the morning after while all of his family was in town.

The third weekend in October, Eric and I had an “Open House” for my family. Almost everyone was able to come and see our house now that a lot of the painting has been done. Of course, there was a special announcement when our guests got to see the new baby room:)

That following Wednesday was our 3rd anniversary, so we went to BDubs for dinner. (For some reason, that’s what I was craving, but of course, once we got there, I couldn’t eat half of my meal.) Then, we went to see the movie Paranormal Activity, which was super scary! If you like scary movies at all, I would highly recommend this one…

The fourth weekend of October, we spent in Ft. Wayne because my friend Holly got married. Being the matron of honor, I had a lot of duties. It was a busy weekend, but I had a great time hanging out with Holly and other UE people I haven’t seen in years.

The Wednesday of that week was Eric’s birthday, so we spent the evening eating out at Red Robin with our families. Of course, there was homemade carrot cake back at our house. For some reason, I had an easier time eating the carrot cake instead of my meal at Red Robin. I keep telling Eric he is getting old, but I probably shouldn’t say anything because in about a month, I will have caught up to him!

Finally, the weekend of Halloween, Eric and I spent the weekend in Nashville to celebrate our anniversary. Even though it was a really busy month, we wanted to make sure we got our time away because it will be the last year that it will be just the two of us. We did some shopping around Nashville on Saturday and Sunday at some little shops and then at Opry Mills. On Saturday night we enjoyed a meal at The Melting Pot in downtown Nashville, and I was finally able to eat enough to get my money’s worth:) Then, we took a ghost tour of downtown which was a good time. Maybe I will try to get around to posting some of the pictures we got of all the orbs. The next day we tried to go to the Bell Witch Cave on the way home, where the Bell Witch supposedly still haunts the area. (For those of you who don’t know the legend of the Bell Witch, look it up – it’s creepy!) However, the cave was closed due to all the rain, so we will have to plan another trip to the area.

It seems like October went by in a flash, but November is proving to not be much different. Thankfully, my school semester will end at the end of the month, and I will get a much needed break to just focus on the baby!

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