Day 13: A Day of Rest

Back when I was planning this whole trip, I felt slightly guilty for planning a not-so-busy day in Tarifa, but when we got that point in our trip, I was so glad we did!

Tarifa is a little town (at least compared to the bigger cities we visited), and it reminds me of the kind of beach town that locals (or at least the Spanish) would visit for a relaxing vacation on the beach. It is super windy there, so it is actually a huge windsurfing destination. It is the point where the Mediterranean meets the Atlantic and one of them is colder than the other, so it’s not your typical beach but it’s still a really nice place to visit. Because it draws lots of windsurfing Europeans in the summer, there are tons of international restaurants in the old town, several of which we tried.

We gladly accepted a slower-paced day (once we were there) and enjoyed a breakfast of fresh fruit and coffee on the patio. It was freezing that morning, though, so we had to eat breakfast underneath blankets.

wpid-img_20140525_092238.jpg wpid-img_20140525_093608.jpg

Then, we headed for the old town to visit St. Matthew’s Church. It was small but beautiful and we spent about 20 minutes just looking around before getting some churros with chocolate and coffee. Yes, more coffee. We shopped a little before moving on.

After our snack break, we walked to the Isla de las Palomas, which is an island on the southern-most tip of the Iberian peninsula. You can’t walk all the way to the end because there is a security gate closing it off. It is also the point where the Mediterranean and Atlantic meet so it was kind of cool to see both sides of it.

wpid-img_20140525_124929.jpg wpid-img_20140525_124219.jpg wpid-img_20140525_124854.jpg wpid-img_20140525_125419.jpg wpid-img_20140525_125133.jpg wpid-img_20140525_124212.jpg wpid-img_20140525_125131.jpg

We walked down the beach and found a beach bar for lunch. Many of the beach bars we saw (though there weren’t a lot of them) had enclosed porches because of the wind. We sat inside but were able to see out. We just split a burger with fries and a salad. Oh, and we had gazpacho as well. Felix couldn’t get enough of that stuff! He also wanted the beer!

wpid-img_20140525_135238.jpg wpid-img_20140525_141945.jpg wpid-img_20140525_135909.jpg wpid-img_20140525_141941.jpg

We let the kids play on the beach for a bit afterwards but it was way to chilly to stay for too long.

We headed back to the apartment later that afternoon and the kids napped, so Eric and I actually got a couple of hours to enjoy some quiet time on the patio. It was one of the few times I actually got to read a book uninterrupted.

That evening, we went to Restaurant Souk, which was a local Moroccan restaurant. Since being in Tangier a couple of days beforehand, we were obsessed with finding Moroccan food. We shared samosas, chicken couscous, a Moroccan pastry with chicken (I forgot what it was called but it was so good!), and chocolate cake with strawberry sauce.

wpid-img_20140525_203112.jpg wpid-img_20140525_203120.jpg wpid-img_20140525_205511.jpg wpid-img_20140525_205517.jpg

We stopped by a little grocery store on the way back to the apartment so that we had something quick for breakfast the next morning. We tried to turn in a little early because we had a big day ahead of us: Granada via Ronda!



  1. These photos look like you had a good time. I’m glad you had a day of rest in the mix too.

  2. The photos are beautiful and the place looks absolutely stunning! It looks like you really did have a relaxing time!

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