Day 2: The Fun Began in Lisbon!

Day 2: Exploring Lisbon!

As I mentioned in my last post, we arrived in Lisbon after a very eventful flight and the only ones who really got much sleep were the kids, of course. We had read that Portugal was very family-friendly, and it was so true! When we got off the plane, we fully expected to wait through the long line at immigration, but the people working in the airport saw us pushing two kids in a stroller and ushered us straight through the special access section where there was no line. That has never happened to us at home in the US, but it was really nice to be able to just walk right on through, especially with the kids! We got our luggage and walked right through customs. It was definitely the easiest time we have ever had going into another country.

Of course, our cell phone plan we had purchased that was supposed to work in Europe didn’t work, but we were able to connect to Wifi at the airport and call our families just long enough to let them know we had arrived. We purchased Lisboa cards (which offered “free” admission to certain sights and “free” transportation throughout the city) and took the Aerobus into the city. We dropped luggage off at Pension Royal (where we stayed) and headed out for a bit because our room wasn’t ready at that point.

We were starving so we just found a little café to sit outside and eat. It was a beautiful, but warm day. I know it’s not very exciting, but we just had pizza and beer (the kids at fruit juice) just to get something in our stomachs. Then, we found a gelato place and got a treat! At that point, we headed back to the room to rest. We were exhausted and I knew we would be, so I had “scheduled” some down time in the afternoon so that we would be able to rest.

Luckily, we were able to get into our room, which was super cute. There was a double bed, a twin bed, and a crib for Felix. Free wifi and free breakfast came with the room and it was about $85 a night, which we thought was a great price for being right in the middle of downtown Lisbon. The pictures look a little pink because the room was pink. Anya loved it!

wpid-img_20140514_094527.jpg wpid-img_20140514_094540.jpg wpid-img_20140514_094551.jpg

After we woke up, we showered and got a recommendation for dinner from Paula, the owner of the pension. The restaurant was easy to find and had awesome seafood. I had grilled salmon and Eric ordered grilled sardines. I know you’re probably thinking “sardines?!” Apparently, eating sardines is a thing in Lisbon, so we had to try them, and they actually weren’t bad at all. Of course, these weren’t canned sardines, though. Potato salad, salad, bread, beer, and wine were also part of the meal and it only cost about $32. Not bad for seafood in the middle of downtown Lisbon! There were street musicians that helped to keep the kids entertained, so we were thankful for that!

After dinner, we met up with a Haunted Lisbon Tour. We were the only ones on the tour, so we kind of got a private tour. It was a really nice evening and we got to hear some interesting stories about the city. I wore Felix because there were some steps on the tour.

Waiting for the tour...poor Felix fell asleep!

Waiting for the tour…poor Felix fell asleep!

After the tour, we hung out in a square for a bit and let the kids run around a little. We never felt unsafe and there weren’t any big crowds, so it was a nice chance to let them roam around a little after such a long day of sitting in airports and on planes the day before.

Anya and Felix exploring the square!

Anya and Felix exploring the square!

Of course, we stopped and got some pastries and headed back to the room to eat them! The pastries in Europe are phenomenal, so we were determined to get the most out of our stay by eating them whenever possible!

We had planned to do a few other things, like a walk I found in a guidebook and visiting a church and maybe attending mass, but with the flight delay we ended up having to cut some of that out, which was fine. We still enjoyed our day! Our first day in Lisbon was wonderful, but we were still recovering from the jet lag. I promise our trip gets more exciting and there will be many more pictures! Please keep reading!

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