Day 4 of Europe 2014: Like a Fairytale…

Day 4: Day trip to Sintra

Friday morning, we began the day with another excellent breakfast. This time, Paula made chocolate cake, which was amazing! I normally don’t eat cake for breakfast, but I definitely had to give it a try!

Then, we took a train to Sintra, which is a nearby city. The train ride was about 40 minutes or so and was included in our Lisboa card. There, we took a bus from the train station to the town. From the town, we walked to a place called Quinta de Regaleiro, which is an estate that has a huge house and a luscious park with grottos and fountains, etc. It’s almost like a “playground” in that you just kind of walk around and explore it all.

Quinta de Regaleiro

Anya with her camera…Paula kept saying she looked like a Japanese tourist!

Quinta de Regaleiro

The palace – it looked like something out of a horror movie!

Quinta de Regaleiro

Eric didn’t run at all while we were in Europe, but he did lots of cross training!


Quinta de Regaleiro

Picture taken from the bottom of a well at Quinta de Regaleiro.

We explored the grounds for probably two hours and then checked out the inside of the palace, which was totally not worth it. The outside of the palace and the grounds were well worth the trip, but if you plan to visit, I wouldn’t waste my time inside!
Once we left Quinta de Regaleiro, we walked back to the town and found a place to stop for a snack before getting back on the bus that took us to Pena Palace.
At Pena Palace, we took a little green bus to the top of the hill to enter the palace. Of course, Anya was in a grouchy mood and kept saying “There’s nothing pretty here!” This made us laugh hysterically, which made her even more mad, but oh well. Pena Palace was definitely not as extravagant as Versailles or Shonbrunn, but it was certainly beautiful in its own right. I absolutely loved the exterior.
Instead of taking the green bus back down the hill, we opted to walk through the park. It was really cool and we got to see lots of little things like this….
When we got back to Lisbon, the kids were exhausted, so we got to enjoy a quiet dinner. Felix woke up halfway through so we shared with him, but Anya slept through most of dinner. We ended up getting her food to eat in the room.
When we got back to our room, Paula announced that she had bought gifts for the kids. We were thinking just a piece of candy or something, but she bought them dishes and silverware that were like the dishes she used in her breakfast room so that the kids could have breakfast at home like they did in Lisbon. They were super nice dishes and the kids were so excited to get them!
Over the few nights that we had been there, Anya had been allergic to something and kept insisting that it was the fake flowers we had in our room. She kept telling Paula about them, so finally Paula told her to just bring her the flowers. We all laughed about this and she thought it would be funny to play along. Anya brought the flowers to her and accidentally broke the vase. She was a little upset but Paula assured her that it wasn’t a big deal. I think our kids could have done anything and she would have been ok with it! She seemed to really enjoy seeing the kids and I know they enjoyed her attention.
If you ever visit Lisbon, Sintra is definitely a must-see.  It was like a fairytale city with lots of picturesque sights to see! We loved Lisbon, but it was definitely worth the day to visit the sights in Sintra. We didn’t get to see the Moorish Castle or the National Palace but we felt like we saw the main attractions and we were happy with the day!
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  1. Rebekah says:

    I love it when I see guys baby carrying. 🙂
    It sounds like your trip is amazing! I have to go check out the breakfast post. 🙂

  2. Holly says:

    I know you are a pie person, but cake for breakfast is the best! I really like the photo at the bottom of the well. At first I thought it was a really cool staircase!

  3. Heather says:

    Looks beautiful!

  4. Got so caught up in cake for breakfast, I almost didn’t make it through the rest of the post. But you already know I’m totally jealous!

  5. Echo says:

    Gorgeous photos.

    I love the cross-training, LOL!

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