Day 5: Our Last Day in Lisbon

We spent most of our last day in Lisbon in the Belem area of town, which was just a short trolley ride away and well worth the time.

Of course, we had breakfast with Paula and headed out. We started at the National Coach Museum, which was free with our Lisboa card. We didn’t spend too much time there but it was kind of cool to see all the different carriages that were used by European royalty.


We also toured the Monastery of St. Jeronimo, which was also free with our card.

Monastery of St. Jeronimo

The courtyard at the Monastery of St. Jeronimo

We had lunch at a restaurant recommended by Rick Steves. We had cod cakes (which is apparently a Portuguese thing) and a piece of a chocolate cake.


Anya holding the shaker of cinnamon – silly girl!

After lunch, we headed to Belem Tower, which was free with the card as well. It was a sight to see both from afar and up close. The kids were asleep when we got there, so we took turns going up the tower and the views at the top were absolutely amazing.


This tower was the first thing the explorers saw when leaving or returning to Lisbon.


That evening we headed out to dinner and this was probably the worst moment of the trip. Felix was just really overtired and was horribly behaved at dinner. I’m sure he was tired of sitting and really just wanted to be crawling around in addition to being tired. He ended up knocking both of our wine glasses over which spilled all over my skirt. We didn’t pack many clothes because we were planning to wash clothes, but I honestly didn’t know if red wine was going to come out of my clothes. I was so upset. We lost half of our wine and the wait staff at the restaurants was horrible. I am sure it was irritating to them that our kid spilled wine, but I couldn’t even get anyone’s attention to get a napkin to even wipe up my lap so I had to eat while completely soaked in red wine. And we had to eat in shifts so that one of us could take Felix outside. Then, of course, Anya started throwing a fit because she didn’t get to do what she wanted to do so we had that to deal with. I’m not saying that we regretted taking the kids, but this was not one of their finer moments! We were very unimpressed with the restaurant and will be writing a negative review on Tripadvisor because of it.

I was really nervous about getting the red wine out of my skirt because it was the only one I had brought with me. We raced back to the hotel and talked to Paula who gave me a recommendation for a store to try, so we headed to the mall where I bought another skirt. It wasn’t exactly what I was looking for but I figured I could wear it in case I wasn’t able to get the wine out of my other skirt. Luckily, Paula was able to get it out, and I was so grateful! She also reserved a taxi for us for the morning. I am telling you – this woman was amazing! If you ever go to Lisbon, you MUST stay at the Pension Royal. It is literally like staying with your friend.

As we packed our bags that night, we were really sad to be leaving Lisbon the next day, but really excited to see what Spain had in store for us!


  1. Beautiful place, beautiful pictures esp. of the carriages !

  2. Echo says:

    So gorgeous. I love all of the pictures!

  3. Allison says:

    Wow, seems like that card is well worth it. Sounds like a great time!

    • Rachel says:

      For us it was. It depends on how many days you will be there and how many of the places you plan to see…it covers all transportation, so that in itself was nice!

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