Definitely too old for this…

This weekend was crazy, just like any other weekend. Friday after work we had planned to eat at the Manna Grill (it’s in the old Lee’s Famous Recipe Chicken on Lincoln Ave.) and then go to Target to pick up a few things. I ended up inviting a couple of friends from work to eat with us. The food was pretty good. I had Chicken Schwarma and Eric had a Falafel sandwich, and we split an order of the hummus and pita bread. We had Falafel in Chicago and wanted to try it here and that is one of the few places in Evansville to get it. I’m sure we will be going back.

The five of us (plus Anya) sat and talked through dinner for almost 2 hours and everyone was interested in getting margaritas somewhere, so we suggested that people come to our house and we could make margaritas and get in the pool. So we went home and Anya went straight to bed because she was so tired. We made margaritas using Hacienda’s recipe and went swimming until after midnight. At about 12:30, we got the munchies and ended up ordering pizza and breadsticks that arrived around 1:15. At 2 in the morning, we were sitting in our living room playing the game Things, drinking, and eating pizza and breadsticks. Everyone left around 2:30 and we got to bed at 3. We were totally dragging all day Saturday but we had a great time Friday night. It has been a LONG time since we have stayed up hanging out with friends and drinking.

Saturday morning we got some things done around the house and I had to play for a wedding in the afternoon while Eric and Anya went to get more daylillies for the backyard and then the grocery. After the wedding, we went to 5 pm Mass and then came home because we were having more company. My friend Beth (from high school), her husband Michael, and her 19 month old daughter Lucy came over. They had picked up Turoni’s pizza and garlic cheese toast and we had salad ready for dinner. It was fun to see the girls try to play together. After dinner, we went swimming. Even though it was dark, it was still hot so the water felt good.

This morning, I had to play at church and I’m hoping to get some things done with my comprehensive exam and thesis this afternoon. Though it was a busy weekend, it was still nice to finally have some time to hang out with friends.

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