Family Board Games: Our Top 10

We love to play games at our house, and I am planning to do even more game nights with the kids this year, so I wanted to share our favorites, in no particular order.

1. Survive

This is a board game that involves placing game pieces on certain parts of an island that is slowly chipped away, and you have to get all of your people off the island and to safety. This is one that Felix can play, though he normally chooses to be on a team with someone.

2. Forbidden Island

This is another board game, but you play as a team with the other players to try to beat the game. It involves the island slowly sinking as the players all race to collect certain items that allow them to fly off the island to safety.

3. King of Tokyo

This is yet another board game where you have to collect so many stars before losing all your hearts (life points). It reminds me a little of a video game, but it’s typically fairly short and Felix can play on a team with someone.

4. Sushi Go

This one is a card game. We have the party pack where there are numerous ways to play the game. It’s different in that you pass around the hand you’re dealt and build a new hand of cards instead of discarding from the hand that is dealt to you. You choose cards based on how many points you can collect from each card or combination of cards. It usually goes pretty quickly and you can play with anywhere from 2 to 8 players. The variety of cards you can use allows for lots of different combinations, so the game is never the same. Felix doesn’t really get the idea of this, so he sits it out, but Anya does really well.

5. Farkle

I’ve been told this dice game is similar to Yahtzee, but I honestly have never played Yahtzee. All four of us can play this game and we all enjoy it!

6. Quixx

This is another dice game that we can all play, but it’s a little different from Farkle. There are colored dice and choices to make about whether or not to add a roll to your points total. It’s easy to learn and can be a fairly short game.

7. Santorini

This board game is one that Felix could theoretically play on a team with someone. It is more complicated than it seems at first. You can play with 2 to 4 players. The basic game has specific rules but each game is different if you play with the God cards, which allow each player to have different abilities. For this reason, the game is always different.

8. Phase 10

This is a card game from my college years. We just recently taught Anya how to play it and she picked it up pretty quickly. It would maybe be a good game for Felix, because he needs to work on his numbers.

9. Monopoly Deal

I like the regular Monopoly game but it makes for a super long game so this is a great alternative. It’s Monopoly in the form of a card game and it’s designed to last approximately 15 minutes. It was pretty inexpensive and since it’s just a deck of cards, it’s super mobile.

10. Uno Attack

This is just a spin on the classic Uno game. Felix loves playing this game with us. It has all the same rules as the original Uno game, but the Attack part of it means that you can make people hit a button and get more cards he or she will need to discard.

My kids also like to play all the other silly games like Toilet Trouble and Pie in the Face, but I personally hate playing those games, so we have spent a lot of time trying to find games that are fun for everyone.


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