February Into March

2016 Intentions GraphicFebruary proved to be another busy month for us, and we were able to cross a few things off our list.


  • Winter Wellness weekend in January
  • Train ride in French Lick in February or March – We are planning for this in March.
  • Mumford and Sons concert in April – We have a hotel booked for the night of the concert.
  • Weekend away with the kids
  • Anniversary weekend away
  • Family vacation –We are planning a trip, most likely to San Francisco, but more about that later.


  • Read 24 books – I have read 7 books so far.
  • Read 2 music books – I started reading Rhythmic Medicine: Music with a Purpose by Janalea Hoffman. I think it will be helpful to my practice, as well as my personal wellness goals.

Writing: I have actually done pretty well with keeping up with all my writing goals this month. Hopefully I can continue.

  • Daily Q&A – I am still keeping up with this.
  • Writer’s Book of Days – Timing my writing prompts has been really helpful and has worked so far. I did 7 out of 7 planned prompts.
  • 500 Writing Prompts – I did 3 out of 3 planned prompts.


  • Do a daily devotional written for Catholic moms – I don’t always do everything in the devotional but I am at least reading it every day and praying the prayer written for each day.


  • Create one new Singalong packet for my Singalongs (for work). I’m almost finished with a new one and hope to use it this spring.
  • Learn at least 6 new popular songs on the guitar or piano. – I learned a new song on the guitar this month.
  • Learn at least 3 new Classical pieces on the piano.
  • Start transcribing my original songs on notation software.
  • Find at least 5 new songs to use in music therapy sessions – I used one new song this month and will probably be using it again. 
  • Work through Songwriting Without Boundaries – I have done 9 out of 14 writing exercises from the first challenge. It’s not exactly what I thought it would be but hopefully it gets better. It has helped me to be more descriptive in my writing. I want to finish up the first challenge in March and be able to start the next sometime in April.
  • Listen to 10 classical music pieces – (1/10)

Home and Organization:

  • Complete Bonus Room Transformation – We sold two items in February and hopefully we can move forward with this project.
  • Go through Gmail account – This is coming along slowly but surely.
  • Go through and organize computer files.


Of course, I still want to do some fun things with my family and try new things, so I have a list of things we can do if we get bored.

  • Inflatable Fun Factory
  • CMoe
  • Putt Putt
  • Game Night
  • Movie Night
  • Gatti Town or Chuck E. Cheese




We took a day trip a couple of hours away to visit a winery and decided to stop at a cave on the way back. I had been there as a kid but haven’t been since then. We had a good time and the kids enjoyed it, too. It wasn’t on our list, but I think it still counts.





Another day, we put the kids in a bike trailer and hooked them up to Eric’s bike. We rode a few miles on a greenway to get to a park where we had a picnic lunch, played on the playground, and flew kites. The enjoyed the ride, so I think we will do it again sometime.















I want to continue to save money and to keep our spending in check.

  • Save a specific amount in Travel and Savings Accounts combined – We weren’t able to save much this month, due to some unplanned expenses but hopefully next month will be better.
  • Keep track of “extras” earned from apps, credit cards, rewards, etc. – So far, so good.
  • Keep up with a budget as best we can – We are doing ok with this but have had a couple of minor things come up that have made it difficult to stay within budget on some things.


  • Do at least 6 service projects that may include volunteering, providing a meal at the local Ronald McDonald house, donating items, etc. This averages out to one project every 2 months of the year. Hopefully we can handle that challenge!

We are scheduled to make a meal at the Ronald McDonald house next weekend.


  • Write a new 101 in 1,001 list. The current one expires in May.
  • I have started a running list of restaurants I want to try, and I want to eat at 12 of them this year – We tried a new Mexican place called Chido. It was really good and the ingredients were all really fresh. We will be going back for sure. (2/12)
  • I plan to cook 12 international meals this year or one international meal a month – We made Costa Rican food this month, including a breakfast and a dinner. In March, we plan to focus on Portuguese cuisine.
  • Finish travel school – I am on the last couple of chapters and hope to finish everything very soon.

How did your month turn out?


  1. You’re doing great with your reading and with your goals in general! I don’t think I’ve tried Portuguese food before. I was working on cleaning up my blog email tonight, why oh why do I let it get out of control?!? Good luck getting some more of these knocked out in March!

  2. Bonnie says:

    Your list is amazing. I love how you plan fun family activities each month.

  3. Tammy Doiel says:

    Your goal posts always amaze me with how much you get done! Good job!

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