Just an update on my resolutions for the year:

1. Exercise: Things have been so busy that I’ve been struggling to even meet the bare minimum at this point, but I try to tell myself that I’m doing the best I can. I am doing a lot of cleaning and work around the house, and while I know that is not real exercise, any kind of movement I’m doing these days seems like an aerobic event. At this point in my pregnancy, my main goal is just to keep moving….

2. Reading: So far, I have ready 4 e-books and 4 novels and I’m currently working on finishing the fifth.

3. Writing: I have been keeping up with writing at least 1 blog a week on one of my 3 blogs. Hopefully, I can increase this number sometime soon.

4. MT Business: I have added a new piano student and have one that is planning to start when I come back from maternity leave. I also offered a workshop for Music and Wellness at St. Mary’s a week or so ago, though we didn’t get enough participants to actually hold the class. (But I got more participants signed up than the last time, so that’s an improvement!)

5. House Projects: I have done a little bit of organizing, mostly to make room for all the good deals I’m getting with couponing. I’ve also started to wash some of the windows.

6. Finances: We have been able to stay under budget with eating out, with the exception of a weekend or two, though the fact that we have been under budget many of the other weekends makes it so that it still averages out to be less than what is budgeted each weekend, so I don’t feel so bad about it. I think we have also been saving money with the couponing, and I’m hoping we can continue to get better at that. We are going to be able to save more money this month than last month, so that is a plus, too!

7. Miscellaneous:
     We now have 13 meals frozen in the freezer for after Baby Brother comes. We have another meal we are planning to add to that stash this week. I guess we will keep cooking until he gets here!

     We are almost done with Baby Brother’s room. We are just waiting on a couple things; I am so excited to have it finished! The only thing we are really waiting for is a window seat that Eric and his dad made. I am hoping to post pictures soon.

     I am still keeping up with the Bible challenge. I can’t believe there is so much from the Old Testament that I had forgotten about….this project has been very eye-opening!

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