Final Fall Update

1. Make a big pot of chili.  Already finished.

2. Play in the leaves. We never got to do this, due to weather and when we weren’t busy. We still have some big trees in the back yard that still has some of their leaves, so it’s still possible that we could do this a little later.

3. Go to a corn maze.  Already finished.

4. Decorate the house with our fall decorations. Already finished.

5. Go out to celebrate our anniversary.  Already finished.

6. Go to a bonfire or host a bonfire. Already finished.

7. Go to the fall festival.  Already finished.

8. Watch a scary movie. We didn’t actually watch a movie, but we watched all but the last four episodes of the current season. I have to say that it trumps a lot of other scary movies I’ve seen, so I’m going to say we met this one!

9. Make a homemade pie.  I made a cherry pie and an apple pie using the apples that we picked from our tree and canned this past summer. Both had homemade pie crust and tasted great. After two Thanksgiving feasts, we had one piece of cherry pie left to take home.

10. Make a “pumpkin” food.   Already finished.

Nine out of ten isn’t too bad! Did you get to do everything you wanted to do this fall? Now that we’re moving on to winter, there will be a lot of new tasks to add to my winter list!

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  1. Holly H says:

    You can come jump in our leaves once the snow melts. The huge oak tree in our front yard is dropping its leaves now!

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