First Impressions: Lisbon

We have been to Europe 4 times and have traveled through numerous countries. In this series, I want to share our first impressions of the cities we have visited.

With all the popular cities and countries people typically visit in Europe, Portugal tends to be left out of the mix. It shouldn’t be, though. We were very impressed by the city, its culture, and its people.

When we first arrived we were ushered to a special line at immigration for people who either had children with them or had special situations. This was only a first glimpse of how family-friendly Portugal turned out to be.

While in Lisbon, we spent a lot of time walking around the different neighborhoods, such as Baixa, Alfama, Chiado, and Barrio Alto. We also got a great view of the Lisbon, often known for its seven hills. Lisbon is beautiful but was somewhat of a challenge with a double stroller.


We spent another day in Belem, where we got to see some of the old coaches that had been used in the past and then visited a monastery there. Perhaps the highlight of that day was visiting the tour of Belem, which is supposedly the first thing the explorers saw when they came into port.

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Other highlights of our trip included a haunted Lisbon tour, a day trip to Sintra, and lots and lots of pastries. We found the people to be friendly and everyone was great with the kids. In fact, I’m pretty sure one man sitting behind us on a trolley actually let Felix feed him his teddy grahams!

Our first impression?

Friendly, charming, hilly, Old World, authentic

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