First Quarter Update on 2018 Intentions

I have not been doing a monthly recap and somehow it’s time for a recap of the first quarter of the year…



  • Read 32 books. (6/32) – I’m really behind on this!



  • Post in my blog at least 5 times a month or 60 blog posts. (15/60)
  • Work through a book about writing poetry. (7/22 chapters)
  • 500 Writing Prompts – 3 writing prompts a month (36 total) (9/36)
  • Writing prompts from one of my books (9/36)



  • Learn at least 5 new songs to use in groups (0/5)
  • Learn at least 3 new Classical pieces on the piano. (0/3)
  • Work on learning at least 3 of the modes. (0/3)
  • Listen to 5 classical pieces.  (0/5)
  • Earn at least 20 CMTE’s (continuing education). (0/20)
  • Write at least 3 new original songs. (0/3)

Travel Planning:

  • Complete at least 6 training programs (1/6)

Home and Organization:

  • Finish staining the deck.
  • Wash windows and glass doors in the house.
  • 8 areas to organize (1/8)


  • Game nights once a month (3/12)
  • Bowling
  • Mini-golf
  • Make a home video
  • Painting


  • Provide at least 3 meals at the Ronald McDonald house. (1/3)
  • Volunteer at the soup kitchen at least once


  • Eat at at least 8 new restaurants. (2/8)
  • Make at least 6 new international meals. (0/6)

As you can see, I’m really behind…It’s been awhile since I’ve been this unmotivated to work on any of my goals. The beginning of 2018 has not been great for me, but I’m hoping that the weather breaks soon and helps me move into better days…I have been focusing on doing more for myself and I have started working on my music more and this has helped some. Hopefully things turn around soon!

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