Friday Funnies!

If you read my blog yesterday, you know that it was my birthday. My husband and my kids invited some of my friends to one of our favorite hangouts for dinner and surprised me. It was a really great night.

I was told the idea for a surprise party started several weeks ago when my daughter randomly asked me if I would like a surprise party (though she didn’t really understand that it wouldn’t be a surprise if I knew about it) and my husband asked her who all she would invite. She started to ramble off people’s names. Then, I jokingly asked her if she was going to throw me a surprise party and she said “I didn’t say I was throwing you a surprise party; I just asked if you wanted one.” Well, then.

Little did I know that the plans for a surprise party started soon after that conversation. I knew something was up, but I didn’t know what. Anytime I asked her about my birthday, she would say “I can’t tell you.” Then, one day she let it slip that there was some kind of party and I told her she probably shouldn’t tell me anymore. The day before my birthday, I was teasing her and asked her when my birthday party was and she whispered “Thursday” and then made a face as if she knew she shouldn’t have said that. (I shouldn’t have asked her but I really thought she would just say “I can’t tell you.”) The morning of my birthday I heard her tell Felix that he would be at my party. I guess she was so excited she couldn’t contain herself. All throughout the party, she kept saying things like “we invited all your friends!”

Some highlights from the party:

Bday Party - Mommy and Felix

Me and my little man

Bday party - Felix on motorcycle

Felix riding the “motorcycle”

Bday Party - Anya

Anya insisted we all wear party hats.

Bday Party - Anya at the table

Anya was super excited about the party!



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