Getting Down to the Wire!

I don’t know how many people actually follow my blog on a regular basis, but this past Friday was the first Friday in several months that I haven’t done a Friday Funnies post. I have been super busy with a million things lately and last week, something just had to give. Unfortunately, it was the blog. A month from today we will land in Lisbon and I still have so much to do before we can get on that plane.

1. Finish all the trip preparations. I am still working on finding the right shoes and a few other items that we will need before going. I also need to start a packing list, get some information about the languages that we might need, finish calling our credit card companies, order a cash passport, finish the itinerary, and come up with some things for Anya to do when we’re doing something that won’t be very exciting for her.

2. Plan Anya’s birthday party. Apparently, she is planning a surprise party for her birthday. Crazy, I know. Anyway, her party will be the week after we get back so I have to get all of that ready to go before we leave.

3. Find a car seat. Our baby boy is growing like a weed and will definitely need a new car seat by the time we get back.

4. Easter. I haven’t even gotten the Easter decorations out yet, and at this point, it probably won’t happen. I’m hoping we will find some time to dye Easter eggs this week and that we can put together baskets before Sunday.

5. In the meantime, I’m still trying to work on all the goals I set for myself in April…we’ll see if I can actually get it all done!

So, anyway, what I’m trying to say is that posts might be fewer and farther between than normal for a few weeks. I apologize for that but when things settle down, I will get back to the grind!


  1. Echo says:

    It has been a super busy month! I decided to forego regular egg dying this year and am going to let the kids decorate the eggs with stickers, markers and glitter glue, LOL!

  2. Yay for Lisbon, easter, and “surprise” parties. sounds like you have a lot of fun in store for you the next month. Good luck and enjoy!

  3. Alicia says:

    This post totally sounds like me. I am preparing for Bella’s 2nd birthday and I am creating all of the decor and saving tons of money! It hasn’t been easy, but I couldn’t justify spending over 200.00 on decor that will be trashed. So far I have spent maybe 20.00 and I am using my creative side of things and I am almost done. The house is busy enjoying Spring break while I am finding things for them to do. It’s crazy out here for us Mom’s huh??

  4. Holly says:

    We probably won’t get to dye Easter eggs this year either 🙁 April has been way too crazy.

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