Greece 2017: Day 4

Sunday was Anya’s 7th birthday. When we first told her she would be spending her 7th birthday in Greece, she was actually upset that she wouldn’t be home to celebrate, but I think she was excited about it by the time we actually went.

I had really wanted to start the day by going to an Eastern Orthodox service just because I have never experienced one, but we were so exhausted that we decided to sleep in a bit. We had breakfast on the rooftop terrace, Anya opened her gifts, and then we headed for the Royal Gardens near Parliament. The Royal Gardens is home to a really nice area next to Parliament that has a few (domesticated) animal exhibits, some walking trails, and a really nice playground. We explored for a bit and the kids got to play for a few minutes.


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We left in time to make it to the changing of the guards. It happens frequently, but the one on Sunday mornings is more of a big deal and has a marching band and everything. This one also includes a lot more soldiers!






Afterwards, we went back to the Royal Gardens for a few more minutes, and then left to find something to eat.

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This was one of two days where it actually rained, but we literally lucked out, because we started heading toward the Acropolis Museum as it started to feel more like rain and it started pouring right as we got to the building. While waiting in line, you could see what was currently being excavated.




Once again, having the kids and the strollers gained us entry into the museum much quicker. That IS one perk of bringing your kids overseas with you.

We had read about some family/children’s challenges at the museum, so we were sure to stop by the desk to pick up a backpack that contained a challenge for Anya. I was worried about going to the museum on Anya’s birthday, but when she heard about the challenge, she actually wanted to go! She had to locate specific statues of Athena and was able to find all of them, so she wasn’t very happy when Felix found them first!

The museum is really informative and houses many of the pieces that were formerly in the Acropolis. One of the levels of the museum is built to be the exact same size of the Acropolis itself and you walk around the outside of the floor and see what is left of the frieze that would have been around the outside of it. It gives you a little more perspective as to how huge this place actually is and what it must have been like to walk inside the structure.

After the museum, we headed back out and you couldn’t even tell that it had been raining. We got so lucky!

We got a crepe, at Anya’s request, and then went back to the apartment to rest for a bit. For dinner, Anya wanted pizza, so we went back out later to grab some slices of pizza, and then brought it back to eat on the rooftop terrace. Anya also wanted baklava for her cake, so we enjoyed that on the rooftop terrace as well.




I think she had a pretty good birthday!

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