How to Keep a 3-Year Old Busy While Traveling

I have been posting a lot about our trip, and I’m sure many of you are wondering how we kept the kids busy. Felix was difficult. he was just starting to walk/cruise when we left so it was really hard for him to be in the stroller and on buses and trains all the time. Anya was much easier, thankfully. I came up with some projects for her to work on, though she called them “missions.”


Finger puppets! I packed these and gave them to Anya a couple at a time.


She was able to practice writing on plane and train rides.


I created two different “photo hunts” where she had to take a certain number of pictures of certain things. These were awesome for outdoor tours. Sometimes she really got into them and kept pointing out when she would see what she was looking for.

Eric found this idea for how to make a sturdy folder to hold paper and markers out of a DVD case, so he made this before we left.



It holds paper and markers!

 What have you used to keep your kids’ occupied while on vacation?


  1. Great ideas! We travel a lot between my mom’s house and ours, so the trip can become redundant. These ideas will be freshen it up a bit!

    • Rachel says:

      These worked most of the time, but as she gets older, I will have to come up with new ideas. Her brother was another story….lol.

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