Jamaica (Friday, Day 6)

Friday, Day 6

Friday was our actual anniversary and it was a perfect day. We got up a little early and went to The Bayside for breakfast. Then, we headed to the spa. We had wanted to book a couple’s massage but it seemed like the prices had doubled since the last time we were there, and we just couldn’t justify spending that kind of money for it. However, we kept running into a couple who were on our flight and found out that Saturday the spa was having a 2 for 1 deal (buy one, get one free). Basically, you could get a couple’s massage for half the price. The only problem was that we were leaving early Saturday morning and would not be able to do it that day. Eric went to the spa on Thursday and asked if there was any way we could get the deal on Friday because that was our anniversary. They weren’t going to give it to him until he said something about really wanting to get this certain massage treatment since it was the same one we had 5 years ago when we were there, and then the lady caved. So we ended up getting our couple’s massage for half price on Friday.

Our treatment was called the Champagne Celebration. First, we got probably a 50 minute massage and then a hot bubble bath in this really big bathtub. We also got a bottle of champagne and a fruit tray while enjoying the bath. It was really nice and calming, though I have to admit that I’ve had better massages here in the US. Nonetheless, we left the spa feeling very relaxed.

We spent a little time at the beach and then headed to The Bayside for lunch. We then treated ourselves to crepes at the Café de Paris. After lunch, we spent some time in the pool at the pool bar and then relaxed on the beach bed. It started to rain a little so we went back to the room and napped for a bit.

We decided to go to Neptune’s for our anniversary dinner. We had Fried Calamari and Lobster Bisque as appetizers. I had the Seafood Pot a Fue and Eric had the Lobster and Cheese Open-Faced Ravioli. Both were pretty amazing. We had some kind of raspberry chocolate bar for dessert. Dinner was nice and I especially liked eating dinner outside near the beach.

After dinner, we headed to the beach where there was acoustic music being played. We danced for a little bit and then went to Le Cabaret to listen to some authentic reggae music. We stayed for awhile but went back to the room early. We were exhausted after such a long day and we knew we would have to get up really early the next morning to leave for the airport.

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