Jamaica (Saturday, Day 7)

Because our flight was scheduled to leave a little after noon and our resort was a couple hours away from the airport, we didn’t get to do much before leaving Jamaica. We got up early to get our luggage ready, because we were supposed to leave it outside our door to be picked up. We stopped by the Cafe and got some pastries for breakfast as well as some muffins and scones for snacks on the plane. Then, we headed to the lobby to wait for our shuttle.

The ride back to the airport was a little scarier than getting to the resort, just because this time we were driving on the side of the road nearest to edge of the mountain. Nonetheless, we made it to the airport with no problems. We ate at Margaritaville in the airport, just like we did the last time.

The flight back to Charlotte went without a hitch, but of course the customs area was so full that we had to wait on the plane for awhile after landing. This made us nervous because we only had an hour and 15 minutes between flights, and during that time, we had to get through immigration to get back into the country, get our luggage, go through customs, go through security again, and then board the plane before it left. It took so long to get through customs that we were really scared we would miss our flight. Fortunately for us, most of the people on the connecting flight were also in the customs line, so the flight took off quite a bit later than anticipated because there would have been very few people on the flight had they not waited. The funny part was that as we boarded the plane, we saw one of our bags being lifted onto the plane, so our baggage almost beat us there.

Speaking of baggage….when we got to Louisville, we found that one of our bags had made it (apparently the one we had seen) but the other did not, which made no sense, seeing that we had checked both bags at the exact same time. There were four couples that this happened to as well. Luckily, the airline made arrangements to deliver it to our house the next day, even though it was more than a two hour drive.

Once we got that mess figured out, we stopped at Culver’s to grab some dinner to eat on the way and headed home. Eric’s parents brought Anya to our house so we could just go home without having to stop somewhere else. We were so happy to see Ani and I think she was really happy to see us. She was up much later than normal that night, but I was okay with that because we definitely wanted to see her when we got home.

So the next question is: Where are we headed next? I don’t know where we will go for our 10 year anniversary. Who knows how things will be at that point? For now, we are planning another European adventure in early May 2012 and this time, Anya will come with us. We are thinking Madrid, Budapest, Vienna (with a day trip to Bratislavia), and the Middle Rhine in Germany!

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