Jamaica (Thursday, Day 5)

Thursday, Day 5

Thursday morning, we got up early to see the sunrise. We were exhausted but wanted to make sure that we saw it at least once while we were in Jamaica. There were a couple of other people on the beach doing the same thing. We went to the beach in our pajamas and sat on some of the chairs until we saw it rise up over the mountains.

We went back to the room and got ready to have breakfast at Eleanor’s again and it was a lot quicker this time. Eric had Custard-filled French Toast and I had Caribbean Toast, which was huge pieces of toast with warm bananas and chocolate syrup on it. We also had eggs, hash browns, and fruit. Then, we did a little shopping in the gift shops so that we could be finished. It is always kind of stressful to know what to bring back our families, but it didn’t take too long to do. After that, we hit the beach and spent pretty much the rest of the morning lying on the beach. We planned to get pizzas at Giuseppe’s this day but they don’t start serving them until 3, so we went to The Bayside for just a snack around lunch time, and then hung out in the pool for awhile.

At 3, we headed to Giuseppe’s. We wanted to eat on the patio, but it was a little rainy so we ended up eating inside. I had a pepperoni pizza and Eric had some kind of seafood pizza that was really good. 3 was kind of an inconvenient time to eat pizza (it would have been better at lunch), but it was definitely worth it! We were stuffed afterwards, so we ended up taking another nap in the hammock. Are you noticing a trend here?

That night we had dinner at Eleanor’s (yes, we went there twice in one day). Eleanor’s is the fine dining experience at Whitehouse and it is supposed to be the “nicest” restaurant. A lot of people said we should have saved it for our anniversary, but the menu didn’t look as good to us, probably because we aren’t big steak people or into fancy food. But it was actually really good. Eric had a Filet of Beef and Shrimp Cocktail and I had the Red Snapper Filet with Sweet Potato Mash. I don’t even like sweet potatoes, but it was actually really good. We actually ordered dessert there as well. We had some kind of ice cream with warm bananas and something called Magical Moment for Two, which was chocolate with some kind of raspberry drizzle I think. Whatever it was was really good!

After dinner, we headed to Le Cabaret to watch some couple games and the Cultural Show. They brought in a group that performed cultural music and dance, which was kind of interesting.

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