June – An Epic Fail; Maybe July Will Be Better?

Personal PrioritiesThe month of June was an epic fail, so much so that we never even opened the monthly envelopes! We were supposed to do all kinds of things that we never did, but I will just add them to the list of things to do sometime before the year is up! I am hoping July will be better!


June: I didn’t really have much planned for this month, but I ended up deciding to be a breastmilk donor. I started the application process in May before I left for Europe and finished up everything when I returned. I am currently pumping while at work and the bank will take any milk I pump up to when Felix turns two years old. When I made the list of things I wanted to do for service projects this year, this wasn’t on my list, but it’s something I have always wanted to do, so I am really excited to be doing it.

July: I am planning to help the kids make Thank You cards to send to a military base. I still need to find out where exactly to send something like this, but I thought it would a neat project to do around the 4th of July.

Family Fun Activity 

June: Mini-golf was on the list for June, and it never happened. We have free games of mini-golf from the library summer reading program so we plan to take the kids at some point this summer.

July: We are planning to take Anya to Holiday World in the middle of the month.




For Me

June: I was supposed to get a mani/pedi this month – oops!

July: I am planning to spend some time songwriting. I love to write music but rarely get the chance to because of being with the kids all the time. (Have you ever tried to play the piano or any instrument with two little kids around? It’s impossible!)


June: We were supposed to have dinner on the deck (by ourselves), but this never Date Nighthappened. We did get to spend the night in a hotel (and it was free!) by ourselves, though. It was in our city but we went to dinner and a comedy club. We ran by the river the next morning and had a nice brunch (which was also free) before picking up the kids.

July: We are supposed to have a pool day this month. It would be really nice to be able to swim by ourselves!

Home Organization

June: This may have been the one thing I did do. I spent the month of June working on the kids’ rooms. I went through all their clothes, rearranged their closets, dusted all the places I’ve been ignoring, and I am planning to wash their windows this week.

July: I am planning to do the garage this month, but that is really up to my husband because we consider that to be his area since he is the one usually out there. I will probably try to work on the master bathroom as well.






I pretty much did none of my challenges for the month of June but I am planning to get back on the wagon for July!


June: We went over our budget big time in eating out and groceries, but we spent very little in May due to being on vacation. Also, when we came back, we were out of a lot of things and had to stock up again. We got several Bing Rewards and $10 in Amazon giftcards from Swagbucks though we are currently are waiting for another $10 in Amazon giftcards. We also have a couple of items to sell but just haven’t had a chance to do so just yet. Hopefully, we will do better with things in July!

It has taken a lot of time for us to get back into the routine of things again after being gone for most of May, so I’m just giving myself a little grace, moving forward, and hoping for a better month!


  1. Good luck with July goals. I love that you are a breastmilk donor. I used to work at a hospital and the Milk Bank was always in need of donor milk. I only had to go to the NICU a few times but I know those tiny babies and their moms really appreciate the donor milk.

    • Rachel says:

      Thanks! I will need all the luck we can get:) And if I would have known how much milk I was going to make in the beginning, I totally would have started donating a year ago!

  2. Tammy says:

    So glad to hear you are sending Thank You notes to our military. I know when my brother was deployed, his favorite items were from children. Contact your local Shoe Box group and they will give you some addresses to use.

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