My Top 10 Baby Items: #2

It seems like everyone I know is having a baby, and of course, I just had one. Even though Felix is my second child, we still had to rack our brains about what we needed this time around, what we already had, and what we needed to buy. It’s amazing how fast 3 years goes by and how much we had forgotten over that span of time. Therefore, I have put together a list of my Top 10 Baby Items (in no particular order) that we simply could not do without.
(If you missed the other post in this series, you can read about #1 on my list here.)
2. Travel System
This is one item we have used time and time again. A transportation system normally consists of a carrier, a stroller, and a car seat base. The car seat base is installed in the car and allows the carrier to snap into it. The carrier also snaps into the stroller, though a child can ride in it without the carrier, if necessary. Transportation systems are basically the stroller and car seat packaged into a set .
Before we had Anya, we opted for a Chicco design. Though Anya was a girl, we bought a green design so that we could use it with the next child regardless of if the next were a boy or a girl. Now that Felix is here, he is riding in the car seat and carrier and is able to ride in the stroller in his carrier or lying down. Anya is also able to still ride in the stroller.
There are a few perks to purchasing a travel system. One is the storage area in the stroller underneath the seat. Though it can be a pain to constantly travel around with the stroller, you can’t beat being able put your purse underneath the seat. Many travel systems also have cup holders for the pusher and the passenger. Yet another perk  of buying a travel system is that grandparents don’t have to buy a car seat. All they have to do is purchase the car seat base (which is generally much cheaper) and as long as the baby travels in the carrier, it will lock into the base.
 Anya in the car seat when she was just a baby.
 Felix hanging out in the same car seat only a few years later (and sporting Anya’s sunglasses without the lenses).


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