Oh, January

How I hate this month. For years, I have felt horrible for almost the entire month of January. It took awhile before I realized the problem: there is just nothing going on in January. Nothing happening. Nothing to look forward to. Every other month of the year has something that I enjoy, but January? Nothing. After the hype of Christmas and all the chaotic holiday stuff, you’d think I’d enjoy a month of nothing, but I don’t. I always feel awful in January.

Four years ago, we started attending a wellness weekend in Brown County, Indiana. We stayed in a lodge, hiked in the woods, ate at restaurants we only got to eat at once a year, and took all kinds of wellness classes like yoga, Reiki, and a bunch of other stuff some people might label “new-agey.” But it gave me something to look forward to in the middle of the month and it left me feeling refreshed and ready to start the year. For three years, I have felt a lot better due to attending this event.

Well, we didn’t get to go this year because of snow and ice. I was so disappointed. And almost two weeks later, I’m remembering exactly why we go to this every year. I feel awful. In fact, I haven’t felt this awful in four years. Never mind all of the other things going on in my life that make things even more difficult. Like the fact that my cat has diabetes and I have to pay an exorbitant amount on insulin to keep him alive for longer. Or the fact that my Fitbit no longer syncs to my phone and the company refuses to stand by their product and either fix the problem or send me a new Alta. Or that somehow part of the ceiling in our dining area was leaking and my husband had to tear the dry wall out and is in the middle of replacing it, so a chunk of the ceiling is messed up right now. It just never ends.

The bottom line is that I know there are also a lot of good things going on, but right now they are clouded over by all the stressful stuff happening. I know I’ll get through it, but I’m glad we only have a few more days of January left!

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