Our Summer Adventure

Our summer adventure has been decided! Last weekend, I came across a great deal on flights and I just couldn’t pass it up.

This summer, we will be visiting Amsterdam, Belgium, Paris, and London. We will arrive in Amsterdam early on a Thursday morning and will spend the next 3 nights there, leaving later in the day on the 4th night. We plan to take a train to Ghent (in Belgium) via Antwerp, where we will spend 3 nights. One day will be spent exploring Ghent, another day we will spend in Bruges, and on the 3rd day, we plan to spend the day in Brussels before moving on to Paris, via rail. We plan to spend 5 nights in Paris so that we can take a day trip, possibly to the Loire Valley. Then, we will leave early on a Monday morning and take the chunnel to London where we will spend 4 nights before flying home.

Trip planning is in full swing as we try to find a place to stay in all these cities. The kids are excited, and Anya is looking forward to seeing the Eiffel Tower.


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