Our Travel Tree

This past weekend we put away all of our Christmas decorations. It is definitely not as much fun putting everything away as it is putting it all out. That being said, one of the things I enjoy doing whether we are putting the tree up or taking it down is looking at all of our ornaments. We have made it a tradition that we buy an ornament everywhere we visit while on vacation. If there aren’t ornaments available, we have been known to purchase key chains, figurines, magnets, etc. and using a glue gun and ribbon or string to make it an ornament. So all of our vacations and travels are represented on our Christmas tree every year. And since we typically go somewhere at least once a year, there is always at least one (or two or three) new ornament to add each year.


This is from our first trip together, which was to Gatlinburg the summer before we were married.



Another “makeshift ornament” from our trip to Dublin in 2009.


This is from our most recent vacation to Ft. Walton Beach in September.


This is a “makeshift ornament” (actually a key chain) from Bacharach in Germany.



This is from our first European adventure back in 2007…it’s pretty obvious which city/country this is from!



This one is from our vacation in Saugatuck. It was our first vacation as a family of three (right after Anya was born) when Anya was only 5 weeks old.



This one is from our honeymoon in Jamaica in 2006.



Munich, Germany from our trip in 2009.



This one was from our 2007 trip. London was the first European city we ever visited.



This is another makeshift ornament from our most recent European trip in 2012. It came from Madrid, Spain.



One of my favorite ornaments from our 2009 trip that included Venice.


So what’s on your tree every year?


  1. Krystle Cook says:

    I’ve tried to get ornaments from places we’ve been. I don’t have very many because often I don’t see ones I like and end up getting another souvenir. We got one from Jamaica that holds sand. It’s so heavy on the tree in pulls the branch down lol. I always have to make sure its on a sturdy one.

    • Rachel says:

      If we can’t find an ornament (and this seems to happen a lot in Europe), we usually get something that we can make into an ornament with just ribbon and a glue gun.

  2. This was a beautiful story. My tree also tells many stories. I have a collection of little houses that I add to each year. I have many St. Jude Children’s ornaments that I have collected. We also all have an ornament with our name on it and we add when new family members come into the family. I pinned your story to Bloggers Brag and I am now a follower. Thanks for visiting my blog. Donna

    • Rachel says:

      What a great idea for your ornaments! My husband and I also have ornaments on the tree that are from when we were little, and our kids are starting to collect them as well. I just love going through them every year because it brings back so many great memories, no matter what we all put on our trees:)

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