San Francisco: Day 6

This was one of our favorite days of the trip, though it was one I was most concerned about working out. Eric found a bike rental shop near our hotel so we decided to rent bikes and a trailer for the kids and bike across the Golden Gate Bridge, spend the day in Sausalito, and then bike back across the bridge. I guess a lot of people take the ferry back so they don’t have to bike it again, but we opted to just bike both ways. It ended up being a lot of fun.


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It took some time for us all to get fitted for bikes and helmets and to get the trailer hooked up to the bike. I was really nervous about riding with the kids, but we were able to ride on side streets that weren’t busy until we got to the bike trail, though I have to say that it was probably scariest riding with pedestrians across the bridge. There was supposed to be a bike lane and a pedestrian lane but people just didn’t pay attention to it. The kids fell asleep on the way over and were kind of cuddled together…




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Somehow we made it to Sausalito and parked the bikes for a few hours. We walked through a few shops and opted for lunch at a seafood place where we could order at the counter and then eat outside. Of course, we also got ice cream, but at a different ice cream shop. Cookie monster ice cream (blue ice cream with different kinds of cookies in it) was a popular flavor around San Francisco, and Felix is still disappointed that he hasn’t been able to find it here.

When we were finished in Sausalito, we rode back across the bridge and ended up riding through Fisherman’s Wharf. We stopped in a few stores, including the Ghiradelli stores so we could take turns walking in and getting free samples. In fact, Anya went in with her jacket on and then took it off and walked in again, just so she could get another sample. She thought she was so sneaky! We also stopped at Boudin’s and got sourdough bread that was amazing.

Once we turned in the bikes, we found a pizza place open late and got some dinner before heading to bed. We were exhausted!


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