Thrifty Thursday:Cutting the Cable

One of the big changes we have made this year is getting rid of our cable. We had 2 DVR boxes and were paying a fortune. Luckily, we have had discounts on our account, but we knew they were set to expire and the cost would go up. We knew we had to do something. So what did we do?

1. We got a digital antenna so we could get reception for local channels.

2. My husband ordered 2 Raspberry Pi’s (one for each TV.) I don’t understand it completely but they are really small computers that you can hook up to your TV that run the programs we need in order to make things work for us.

3. He then set up the Raspberry Pi’s to record certain shows and save them on our server. My husband works on computers so this was a piece of cake for him. If I was in charge of this, it would never have worked! This way, we are getting a very similar service as DVR through the cable company.

4. We purchased Amazon Prime. For some reason, it was discounted at the time and we got this membership for $39 for the entire year. Typically, it is around $80, but that is still a good deal, considering what cable was costing us each month. Having Amazon Prime allows us to stream videos that we like to watch, as well as videos Anya likes to watch. Anya was so accustomed to watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on demand that we knew we needed an acceptable replacement. We are able to get a ton of shows through Amazon Prime and we like it so far. Click on the link below to learn more about it.

Amazon Prime

Now we are only paying for internet and are saving ourselves approximately $90 a month. It is true that it cost a couple hundred dollars to set this up, but we have easily made it back in just 2 to 3 months of not having to pay the cable bill. And to tell you the truth, I don’t even miss cable. There was nothing on it that I absolutely had to watch. Plus, now that we have 2 kids, we have even less time to watch it anyway. Getting rid of our cable is definitely one of the better decisions we have made to get better control over our spending.

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  1. barbara worn says:

    I have huge bills from Directv and I also paid $79 for Amazon prime altho it has already paid for itself because I buy a lot of books and get deals from my membership. I would love to be able to use Raspberry Pi but with my sad tech skills I’m not sure. But good for you! I’ve said it before but it bears repeating-Rachel, you married well!

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