Where to Now?

I mentioned in my 2016 Intentions that we are planning on some kind of vacation. Last weekend I checked out probably 25 books on various destinations, literally all over the world. Europe is enticing because the dollar is faring much better against the euro than it has in probably over 10 years. It seems a waste not to take advantage of that. However, we are trying to be mindful of what is going on in the world so that we don’t unknowingly walk into a dangerous situation. Some of our ideas include:

  • Scandinavia (Norway, Denmark, and Sweden) – The down side is that each of these countries has its own kronur so we wouldn’t be taking advantage of the euro. We have also heard about some issues regarding refugees lately.
  • Greece and some other nearby location like southern France or Italy (Tuscany and the Amalfi Coast) – Though we haven’t heard too much about the financial status lately, other than that banks won’t allow people to withdraw more than $60 in cash a day, refugees have been coming into Greece via the eastern islands and this allows them to filter in through the rest of Europe. We are not worried as much about the refugees themselves, as we know they have to go somewhere to get away from what’s going on, but in some cases, the increase in numbers can cause a problem with transportation and other things. I know it is also causing some issues with the citizens.
  • Nordic countries (Iceland, Finland, and Estonia) – Iceland has been on our radar for some time now but from looking at a Rick Steves book, Tallinn (Estonia) is supposed to be really interesting and different. It is a short ferry away from Helsinki.
  • Croatia, Slovenia, and Bosnia – The pictures of these areas look absolutely breathtaking. Unfortunately, so are the prices of flights. Ouch.
  • San Francisco/Napa Valley – Yeah, I know. All of these options and San Francisco doesn’t fit into the category. This would be much easier and might cost slightly less. Flights would be a lot cheaper but lodging would be much more expensive than in some of the European locations. I have a feeling it would all cancel each other out eventually. San Francisco has been on our list for a long time but we just haven’t done it because the cost of things there wouldn’t leave us much better off than if we had gone to Europe.

Of course, I picked up books about South Africa, Morocco, Montreal, and some other places, but ultimately, it would be nice to take advantage of the euro being in a good spot for tourism or just to go somewhere closer to home.

Where would you go?


  1. Holly says:

    Depending on where I’m limited to, our next vacation will be to one of the following places: the Black Hills, Mackinac Island, Savannah, Vegas and Palm Springs, Bermuda, Iceland, Buenos Aires, Ireland and England or a Rhine River cruise.

    • Rachel says:

      Sounds like some great ideas! We loved Savannah and the Black Hills are awesome. I’ve never been to Mackinac or Bermuda. There are some decent flights to Iceland right now. As far as Buenos Aires…that would be awesome, but if you’re thinking of trying to get pregnant at any point, I would steer clear of South America. Argentina isn’t currently on the Zika map but I feel like it’s only a matter of time until it filters down into the southern part….The Rhine river is awesome, too. If you decide on that, I can give you the name of a cute little inn in Boppard.

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