Why You Need to Visit a Sandals Resort

My first personal experience with Sandals was on my honeymoon 10 and a half years ago in October of 2016. My husband and I spent 7 amazing nights at Sandals Whitehouse, which is now Sandals South Coast. We spent one day off the resort shopping and climbing Dunn’s River Falls. You know the gorgeous sunset on my home page? That is from the catamaran sunset cruise we took. I’ve never seen a sunset quite like the one we saw Jamaica that evening. We got to revisit the same resort to celebrate our 5-year anniversary and saw that same sunset on another catamaran cruise.

Sandals has 16 all-inclusive, couples-only resorts throughout the Caribbean, including:

  • 7 in Jamaica
  • 3 in St. Lucia
  • 2 in the Bahamas
  • 2 in Barbados
  • 1 in Antigua
  • 1 in Grenada

Each resort has its own personality so literally anyone would find something that suits them. There are also a few things to know about these resorts:

  • They include impeccable service and tips are included. In fact, excluding a few employees (butlers, etc.), employees are not even permitted to accept tips.
  • Don’t like to just lay on the beach for an entire vacation? Sandals resorts include watersports, land sports, group classes, and use of the fitness center. Some of them also include the Red Lane Spa. We were able to use the sauna and jacuzzis even when we weren’t paying for a spa treatment. (If you do visit a Sandals resort that has the spa, though, I do highly recommend their services!)
  • If you’re interested in taking a break from the resort, you can book an excursion through Island Routes.
  • If you scuba dive, you can do that for free at a Sandals resort. If you don’t scuba dive but would like to become certified, you can do that at a very low cost at a resort.
  • If you’re a golfer, have your agent book you at a Sandals resort that includes a golf course.
  • Sandals offers Weddingmoons, which are weddings and honeymoons all in one.
  • And most importantly, the food is amazing! You can also order as much as you want. You can have dinner at one restaurant at 6 and dine at a different one at 9 if that’s what you want to do.

There are so many great things about Sandals that sets them apart from some of the other resort chains, but the one thing to remember is that they are all about making your stay there unforgettable, whether you are staying in a standard room or one of the rooms that comes with butler services. You are pampered from the minute you step off of the plane to the time you get back on to go home.

Have you ever been to a Sandals resort? Which one and what was your experience?

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