A Big Change

After years and years of thinking about this, I have taken the plunge.

Last week, I met with a couple of people at a local travel agency that also runs a travel school, and on Monday, I enrolled in the program. This is completely different from my current work as a music therapist, but I’m excited to try something new. I still plan to continue practicing music therapy, teaching piano lessons, and filling in at churches, but this will be something different that I can do on the other days of the week.

The program is meant to be finished at home but I have a contact at the office who can help when I have questions. She also takes care of grading my assignments. I have up to a year to complete it, but I hope to finish in four months so that I can get in on the “busy season” for travel planners, which is January through April. It looks like a lot of work but most of the assignments look really interesting and fun.

That being said, keep me in mind the next time you need to book a trip!

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