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Fort Walton Beach – The Rest of the Week

I apologize for the lack of posts the rest of our vacation week. Things were busy and we were so exhausted by the end of the day! Here are more highlights:

Flying a kite on the beach….

Kite Anya and Daddy Flying a Kite

Anya Flying a Kite

Feeding the birds…

Anya and Mommy Feeding Birds Anya and Daddy Feeding Birds

Getting ready for the beach…

Anya in Goggles

Sunset and Dolphin Cruise…

Felix and Mommy on Boat Felix and Eric on Boat Family on Boat Anya Driving Boat Anya and Felix on Boat



Our new pets: 4 little hermit crabs…


Hermit Crabs

An Italian sampler dinner complete with a glass of wine and shrimp cocktail…

Italian Sampler Dinner Italian Dinner on Balcony


Worn out at the end of the day…

Anya Asleep on the chair


Fort Walton Beach – Tuesday

Anya and the Giant Alligator

We started the day off at the alligator exhibit at Fudpucker’s.


Anya Feeding the Alligators

Anya feeding the alligators


Feeding the Alligators

One of the alligators getting ready to eat the food we were feeding them


Albino Alligator

A rare albino alligator who cannot be in the sunlight due to her condition


Holding the Alligator

We got to hold an alligator! (This is actually a picture of a picture that we bought at Fudpucker’s.)


Fish Market

We went to a fresh fish market to get some fresh shrimp.


Shrimp Boil

We made a shrimp boil with potatoes, corn on the cob, and fresh shrimp.



Dinner was fresh shrimp, corn on the cob, potatoes, and sautéed okra.

Fort Walton Beach – Monday

Ready for the Beach

All ready for the beach!


Beach Setup

Our setup for the day.


Felix Lounging

Felix lounging in the shade…


Sand Castle

Our sand castle, complete with princesses.


Sanding Daddy Up

Right after Anya “sanded Daddy up.”


Anya Sitting on Daddy


By the end of the day, both kids were so sandy. I’m pretty sure we all still have sand in our hair.

Sandy AniSandy Felix


A Florida Vacation

For those of you who know me, I am definitely a list person. I love to make lists and I feel more productive when I have a list. So I decided to make a list of things I’d planning to do on our Florida vacation. Here are some of my ideas:

1. Have my morning coffee on the balcony.

2. Watch the sunset on the beach.

3. Read a book while sunbathing on the beach.

4. Do yoga either on the beach or on the balcony of our condo.

5. Eat at a seafood restaurant.

6. Build a sand castle with Anya.

7. Go for a walk on the beach.

8. Enjoy at least one alcoholic beverage.

9. Look for seashells with Anya.

10. Have a picnic on the beach with the kids.

11. Help Anya bury Daddy in the sand.

Anything else I should add?

I also wanted to take this opportunity to let you know that it is possible my posts may not be as regular as you are used to. Instead of the regular posts I typically publish each week, I am hoping to post a picture of our adventures each day, depending on time and availability of the internet. But don’t worry, there are more posts already written and scheduled for the week we return, so be sure to check back!

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