Costa Rica: Transfer to Playa Hermosa

We had a lazy morning the day we left the Arenal area. The resort was a splurge and we wanted to make sure we got to enjoy it at least a little. We had breakfast at Altamira and then took advantage of the free yoga class. It was nice to do yoga and I felt so good afterwards. There is also something about doing yoga in the middle of the rainforest.

We then hung out in the room for a bit and I got a chance to relax in the hammock with a book. I thought they might have to drag me from the room to get me to leave. I seriously miss this view!wpid-wp-1441942197478.jpeg

We took our time packing up but unfortunately, we had to leave at noon for Playa Hermosa. Our driver showed up on time, and there was a woman with him. I suspect that she was the driver’s daughter, but I don’t really know that for sure. He was a great driver and even pulled over if he spotted animals he thought we would want to see. Halfway through the drive, we asked to stop for lunch. Our driver decided on a place called        and they had the best fried chicken I think I have ever had. Who knew you could get awesome fried chicken in the middle of the Guanacaste region of Costa Rica?

Driving through the Guanacaste region, the driver informed us that there is a lot of farming in this area. Unfortunately, the region was experiencing a drought so many of the cows we saw were really scrawny. In about 4 hours or so, we reached our destination.

Playa Hermosa is a really small beach town. There are a few hotels and restaurants, but it mostly feels “local” in that most of the people staying in the hotels were Costa Rican. It was kind of neat to be surrounded by Costa Ricans and the Spanish language.

We stayed at Hotel ManGaby. It was clean but the rooms were really basic and could really use a facelift. That being said, it was fairly inexpensive, included free breakfast in their restaurant, and was only 2 blocks from the beach. It is a family-owned hotel and the staff was very helpful. In fact, we were having issues with our SIM card, so the owner’s son helped us to figure that out.

After getting settled in, we walked to the beach and ran into some howler monkeys on the way. They were just hanging out in the trees and “howling” at us as we went by.

We took a walk up and down the beach. There is definitely a reason they call it Playa Hermosa (“beautiful beach”)!


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