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STUDIO_HBTAILOR_7275187786 STUDIO_LUIGISGRG_7275148260 STUDIO_LUIGISGRG_7275147284From what we have read, Hollywood Studios is getting a face lift soon. We enjoyed our day there but there is definitely not as much stuff to do there as in the other parks. That being said, it was nice to have an easier day. Here’s what we did:

1. Aerosmith Rock n’ Roller Coaster: This was our first stop. Based on what we had read, everyone runs to this ride or the Toy Story ride. You can’t get fast passes for both, so the advice we were given was to do whichever one you didn’t have a fast pass for first. So this one was it. It was super fast and took off faster than I thought it would. It was short but pretty good.

2. Star Tours: We had fast passes for this one. We had heard that some people got motion sickness on this ride, but we didn’t have any problems. It was more of a virtual ride but still pretty good.

3. The Great Movie Ride: This was a longer wait than we were hoping for but it was a fairly long ride and was pretty decent. It was kind of fun to go through the ride and see all the different movies.

4. Beauty and the Beast: This was a live performance and the kids really enjoyed it.

5. Voyage of the Little Mermaid: We had fast passes but ended up switching things around to see the show earlier. The kids liked this show, too, but I kept wishing Ariel would sing a little louder because it was kind of hard to hear her.



6. Toy Story Midway Mania: We had fast passes for this, and you will need them, too, if you want to ride this. You basically ride through and shoot at things like a video game. It didn’t sound all that great to me but was actually pretty fun. It was a lot like the Buzz Lightyear ride in Magic Kingdom, but I liked it better.


7. Disney Junior Live on Stage: We were really excited about this ride but were disappointed in that everyone sits on the floor and the characters on the stage are so short that they were really hard to see if you were anywhere near the front, which we were. The kids liked it but it didn’t hold their attention as well because of this.

IMG_1302 IMG_1305









STUDIO_HAT2_72745988418. Character Meets: We met a few characters at Hollywood Studios, including Chip and Dale, Goofy, and the army man from Toy Story. Anya also met Princess Sophia and Jake; Felix slept through Sophia but woke up in time to meet Jake. We took pictures with characters from Cars, too, but they didn’t really speak, so it was just an opportunity to get a picture with them.


















9. Fantasmic: This was seriously the highlight of our visit here. if you do one thing at Hollywood Studios, it really should be Fantasmic. We switched around the fast passes beforehand, because we were told that we were guaranteed a seat if we had fast passes but might have to stand if we didn’t. I’m not sure how true this was but we had nothing to lose since we could get a fast pass. We had finished up in the park in the middle of the afternoon, so we went back to the suite to relax and ordered dinner to be delivered. We then went back to the park in time for the show. It was crazy how many people were there even an hour early, so I would be sure to get there early to see the show.

wpid-wp-1434597008882.jpg wpid-wp-1434597008885.jpg

It rained toward the end of the show but we just put on our ponchos and dealt with it. It was totally worth it to stay. The show was amazing and the kids loved it. Anya kept asking me if it was just “Mickey’s mare night” (nightmare) and I had to reassure her that it wasn’t real. At one point, Mickey is at the top of the mountain and there’s a fire-breathing dragon, and Felix yelled “Mickey!!” It was really cute. The whole show was just incredible and the fire-breathing dragon was spectacular. This was, hands down, one of our favorite things we did on the whole trip.

I was happy to hear that Hollywood Studios was being updated because there just wasn’t as much to do there as in the other parks but we still enjoyed the day and Fantasmic was well worth it.


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